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Friday, July 15, 2011

Romantic / fun first date ideas

Going on dates can be an exciting experience especially if they are one of your first dates together. During the first few dates you can learn so much from, and about each other just by measuring you’re interaction throughout the date.

A first date is also extremely important because it is the 'make or break' date ultimately deciding whether or not you feel that ‘spark’ and will thus choose to go on a second date together.
Choosing an appropriate date is important. In this article you will find a few great romantic first date ideas as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each, and some useful tips.

The importance of choosing a great first date

By choosing a particular date you can also find out a lot about a person and get to know what they do or don’t enjoy doing. In the same way though, you need to know a bit about  
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a person in order to choose a date. Choosing to go on a date to a reptile park (for example) not knowing that your date is petrified of snakes wouldn’t be that much of a great idea.
Below is a list of ideas for great first dates (you can get many more as well as bad date ideas and really affordable ones by reading the book to the right) and what you can actually gain from each of them. You could combine some of them for an even better first date.
Romantic and fun first dates
The classic movie date
Going to see a great movie with your date can be a lot of fun.
* You don’t have to worry about running out of conversation because the movie will be doing all of the entertaining, and if you’re hanging out after the movie you’ll have a lot to talk about.
* There are a wide variety of movies showing at any time (romantic comedies, romance, drama, action, thrillers, horrors or animations) meaning that your date will definitely be able to be satisfied with the movie.
If you’re not planning on hanging out after or before the movie but rather going straight to the movie and leaving straight after, a movie may have the negative effect of not allowing you to get to know much about each other.
Tips:  For your first date (depending on what kind of a couple you are) you might not want to see a movie that is too explicit (R rated or PG) because it might feel a little awkward or uncomfortable. Read up (reviews) on the movies showing that day in order to have better insight on what may or may not be a good idea to watch.
Couple a movie with dinner, lunch, drinks or ice-cream before or afterwards in order to be able to get to know your date a bit better.
A picnic for two
Picnics will always be a hit due to the romance in it all.
* As mentioned picnics are extremely romantic.
* They also allow you, as a couple on your first date, to get to know each other better as a lot of talking is needed.
* If you’re not sure whether or not the person you’re going on a date with has romantic feelings for you, you might want to leave this kind of date for a second or third date. If the feeling between the two of you isn’t mutual there might be some awkwardness.
* You may also need to think about some interesting questions to ask your date or topics to talk about in case the conversation stops flowing or you run out of things to say.
* Make sure you check wheather forecasts before planning a picnic date. There’s nothing worse than having your first date ruined when it suddenly starts raining. A perfectly sunny day should be best.
* Be sure to pack some music along. It will heighten the mood and allow for some entertainment in case the conversation dies down a little. It could also give you a break when you run out of things to say.
* Be creative. Picnics are very flexible and you can basically have one anywhere. The zoo, park, local botancal gardens, beach or pool are all great ideas.

Game arcades 
This is a cute idea for couples of all ages.
* The idea of including a game arcade visit in your date could be a very good one.
* It increases feelings of youth, fun and romance.
* It encourages many opportunities for romance (teddies, flowers and candy are often readily available) and fun competitiveness with numerous gaming opportunities (racing, bowling, etc.).
* If a fun type of person is one that you’re looking for then you should be able to see just how much fun your date actually is when including this in your date.
* You can only spend a certain amount of time at a game arcade so this is better combined with another dating aspect (dinner, movies, etc.).
* A good idea would be to go to a Theme Park where there is much more to do then at a regular game arcade.
As priory mentioned, be sure to combine this with other date aspects (a meal, drinks or ice-cream, etc) if you prefer not to visit a theme park.

This is especially fun if neither of u have done it before.
* This kind of date also allows for a lot of fun with all the slipping, sliding and sometimes falling going on with regards to it.
* If you’re both expert skaters you could have tons of fun doing some ‘skate-dancing’.
Depending on the kind of person you are you may find it a little embarrassing falling on the ice during your first date. If so, postpone this to a second or third date instead.
* When going icing make sure that you’re dressed very warmly. Remember that even if it is in the middle of summer, the ice is still cold and you’ll freeze if you’re wearing summer clothes.
* Nothing would ruin the mood more than shivering on your date. You’ll want to leave sooner and won’t have as much fun.
* Also make sure that you have adequate strapping or ice-skating gear in order to avoid discomfort ruining your date.
A meal
Meal dates are extremely common for various reasons.
* This date allows you to find out a lot about your date. You will be able to ask him/her tons of questions in order to find out more about him/her as person.
* You will also be able to get more time together in an almost private atmosphere (it will just be the two of you at the table) and will thus be able to see how your date carries her/himself.
* Due to the semi-private state of the date, you will need to make sure that you carry yourself well as the focus will be on you just as much as your focus will be on your date.
* This date is very important as there aren't other major distractions (such as movies, ice-skating, music, etc) so if your personality doesn’t come across as like-able to your partner you might not make a second date.
* Meal dates can be very pressure-filled.
* Make sure you have a few topics in mind to talk about in order to assure that the conversation flows.
* You may also want to think about a few questions to ask your date in order to ensure that he/she sees your interest in him/her.
* Make sure that you pay a lot of attention to the way you handle yourself during the date (table manners, posture, etc.). You don’t need to be a snob or act like a prince / princess but speaking with your mouth full of food will not at all be charming.
Attending a concert together
Going to a concert together can be tons of fun.
* By going on a concert date that means that you already share a similar interest in music / artists; which is always great.  Having something in common can be a great advantage with regards to reaching a second date.
* Concerts allow you to relax, unwind and have fun in a chilled atmosphere where you don’t need to feel pressured into finding something to say all the time.
* As much as not having to find something to say all the time might be, it may also be a disadvantage in the fact that if you don’t already know a lot about your date you may not be able to find out much about him/her during this date.
* Going on a concert date can be very similar to going on a date to a club – they’re both loud and crowed so you may not have a lot of privacy or talk time.
* A good idea would be to make sure that you do get some alone time before or after.
As mentioned, ensure some alone time by either grabbing a meal, ice-cream or drinks before or after the concert. This will allow you to share some ‘quality time’ in order to find out more about your date or strengthen your bond in order to better ensure a second date.
DVDs and cuddling
The cheap and yet romantic ideas of watching DVDs and cuddling are always winners.
* This allows you to bond in a more chilled atmosphere (either of your houses).
* This is also a very affordable date if you’re on a tight budget.
* You will have a lot of privacy.
This obviously depends on how well you know each other. If you’ve been friends for a while but are going to be on a date alone for the first time then this would be a great idea. On the contrary, if you really don’t know each other that well then this definitely wouldn’t work that well (depending on the kind of people you are).
* To ensure that this is a prefect date, be sure to add extra elements into it:
    - Tons of snacks (popcorn, chocolates, etc.).
    - To make things more romantic ensure the cuddling aspect (blankets, cushions etc.)
    -  Dimming the lights always add to the ‘romantic date’ mood of things.

A visit to a build-a-bear workshop (well known in almost all countries)
This always takes a top spot on memorable dates.
* Building a bear together will allow you to have something of each other forever. It will give you a memorable experience and allow for something to remember from your very first date together.
* This is very romantic as well as fun.
* You will also be able to see each other personality’s really well and will have a lot of interaction time during this date.
If the person you’re going on a date with isn’t much of a romantic or young at heart then this might not work out. Most people would love this kinda date so this shouldn’t be a problem.
In order to make this is more fun or exciting swop bears at the end of the date. This will also add to the ‘romance aspect’ of the date.
Dating is meant to be a fun experience. Make sure that whatever you decide to do on you're first date is something both you and your partner will enjoy and look back on with fond memories.

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My Book!!! Click on the image to read the first couple of chapters online
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