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Monday, August 15, 2011

Couples Tattoos / Matching Tattoos: Where to put them

Nothing could possibly be more exciting then deciding to get matching tattoos with your loved one. Once you’re sure which tattoo you’d like to get and have discussed the size and everything, the only thing left to do is decide where you will put it.
Jade and Mach Zodiac signs
There are many places that you could put your tattoo depending on the type of tattoo (design, size, etc), whether or not it’s a half or completion tattoo, whether or not you want it to be completely noticeable and many other factors.

Half Tattoos

Completion / puzzle tattoos
 If you’re tattoo is half of something and your partners getting the other half, a good idea would be to put them where if you get together they appear to join. In other words:
·   You could put one part on your arm and the other on the opposite arm of your partner so that when you put it together it joins. Alternatively use the same arm but put the tattoo upside down on your partners arm.

                  Wing tattoos
Wings tattoo's
   ·  For wing tattoos a good idea would be to put them where wings go. Look at places like the middle of the back, upper shoulder or lower back.
   ·  Remember that in order to fulfill the purpose of it looking like you need each other to fly (need two wings and not one) you need to find a way of making it seem like the wings actually belong together.

·   Emphasize togetherness of the wings by putting them on opposite shoulders. In this way if you and your partner are in swimsuits (for example) and holding hands or walking side by side it will fit correctly (from the back).


A good idea with regards to placing handcuff tattoos would be to put them on the hands that you often use for holding hands. In this sense whenever you hold hands it will feel like the tattoo has a purpose.

Basic Matching designs

name tattoo's
A basic matching design (zodiac signs, your personal designs, initials, etc) can pretty much be placed anywhere and you can decide whether you’d like to have them in the same place or not.
Sometimes having your tattoo in exactly the same place can amplify the similarity of it. The fact that your tattoo’s are similar (maybe even identical), already leaves room for individuality with regards to placing it somewhere. You might prefer it on your upper back and your partner on his/her wrist and vice versa. It doesn’t really matter that much where it goes because it isn’t a completion tattoo.

hidden tattoo

If you’d like your tattoos to remain private (for various reasons) but still capture the essence in them there are many other good places to put them.
·  On the hairline or the back part of your neck (works especially well if you’ve got long hair).
·   On your extreme lower back. Depending on how low you put it, you can still have your tattoo visible when in your swimwear, or completely hidden.

small hidden tattoo
     ·  The inner part of your upper arm. This will be a good spot for an initial or name tattoo.

    ·  The upper part of your thigh. Can be extremely well hidden but still revealed to the one that it was put there for.

   ·  Your inside ankle. No one usually expects to see a tattoo there so it shouldn’t be that well noticed.

It’s easy to note that basic tattoos are easier to conceal with regards to where you place them then are half tattoos. It’s also important to see that half tattoos can also be made to be concealed. If (for example) you and your partner decide to get half heart tattoos, you both know what it means to you (likely something to do with the fact that you complete each other and hold a part of each others heart or share a heart) thus by putting it in a hidden place where the both of you still know that it is, it still holds complete value.

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