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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Best places for kissing

Kissing is one of the most fun and entertaining ways of showing affection.
Some of the joy in kissing comes from the fact that it can basically be done anywhere, anytime.
You can keep it private and intimate or sneak in a little PDA (public display of affection) every now and then. It's all up to you and your partner.

Slow kisses

The following is a list of a few of the best places for kissing. 

Sometimes location adds to the mood.

Best Places For Kissing.

1. In the rain

The notebook romantic kiss in the rain
No matter how cliche it may be or how overused it is in movies (shown in the notebook) and tv programs, the rain kiss is still one of the best and most romantic kisses around.

This might be hard to plan as no one can predict the weather so a good idea would be to grab the opportunity as soon as it arises.
If you're with your boyfriend/girlfriend anywhere outdoors and it happens to start raining, before grabbing that umbrella or heading for shelter why not grab him/her for a quick rain kiss. It's romantic, sweet and memorable.

2. In the pool
Passionate kiss

Another on screen favourite is the pool kiss.

Water seems to make everything more dramatic (as demonstrated by the rain kiss) add to this the intensity somehow created by the pool environment and you have one of the most passionate kisses.

The fact that you're both in swimsuits probably has a lot to do with the intimacy of the kiss.

3.  Under Fireworks

kissing under the fireworks
There's hardly much more romantic then kissing to a backdrop of fireworks. It leaves a feeling that everyone is almost celebrating the moment with you.

This is a kiss that can be thought out and planned once you know that you're going to be at a fireworks display wth your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Usually this doesn't need much planning however as, as soon as the fireworks go off you'll automatically be led to the moment.

Twilight bedroom kiss
4. In the bedroom

As demonstrated in Twilight (the very first of the saga) kisses can be had in as simple a place as the bedroom and the spark can still be there.

If you're not big on PDA (public displays of affection) by having a romantic kissing session in the bedroom you can have all the intensity and passion with the privacy.

5. At the movies

Kissing at the movies
The most common first kiss as a couple often comes at the cinema as this is often one of the easiest first dates.
Depending on the movie you're watching the mood can be easily set and attention can be shifted from the big screen to eachother making the date even more interesting and exciting.
There just happens to be something about the dim lights that seem to promote the cinema kiss.

6. In an elevator

The modern make of the movie Romeo and Juliet highlight the romance in an elevator kiss.

Romeo and Juliet Elevator kiss
Next time you find yourself alone in an elevator wth your boyfriend/girlfriend sneak in a quick kiss. Not only will it add a twist to the rest of your time spent togther but you're both guarenteed to come out of the elevator glowing.

Depending on the relationship you have, your partner will probably be really surprised at the idea. Sometimes being spontaneous adds to romance and will help keep that spark alive.

7. In a forest / at a river

Kissing outdoors
There is something about the great outdoors and the beauty that nature holds that can make a kiss ten times more romantic then anything else.

Scenic beauty and fresh air has the potential to elevate any kiss and turn it from ordinary to amazing.

Next ime you're near a waterfall, beautiful stream or anywhere oudoors where nature is all around you be sure to use a kiss to lock in the memories.

8. Somewhere you're not supposed to be kissing
Secret kisses
Adrenilin has the potential to make your heart race and your blood pump faster. It can also make a kiss more intense.

Stolen or hidden kisses can be extremely romantic as they are highly spontaneous.

The spontaneous element allows your relationship excitement and keeps it far away from the boring aspect long term relationships can sometimes find them selves stuck in. By remembering to keep things spontaneous and fun (even kisses) you can assure that as a couple you don't loose interest in the relationship or each other.

9. At a party

Kissing on the dancefloor
At a party you're most likely to be in your eliment.You're feeling good, you've dressed your best or for the occasion and you're likely to feel confident.

Adding to your confidence would be the fact that, that hottie you're dancing with is just as into you as you are into him/her and that's why you're partying together.

The best kisses come from confidence and seeing that this is likely to be one of your confidence peak moments, it would be a great idea to have that party kiss.

10. At midnight on New Years Day
Kissing at midnight - New Years Day
Taking the saying "going into the new year with a bang" to heart would be going in to it lip locked with that one person you're completely into.

This is somethng so simple and yet something that no-one could ever get bored of. There can be no better feeling then entering the new year with excitement and affection.

Kissing seals connections between people no matter how long you've been together.

Keep that spark alive!

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