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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Romantic things to do for a girl / your girlfriend

Romance is one of the things that keep relationships going for a very long time (sometimes even forever).
Romantic pictures
Contrary to what many may think, doing something romantic for the one you love doesn’t need to cost you a fortune. In fact, it’s the things that don’t cost much that will stick with that one special person for longer.
Romantic things can range from moderately priced, to expensive to absolutely free.
Romantic things to do for your girlfriend
Write her a love letter
Love Letters
This is the most affordable and romantic gesture and yet is so often neglected.
Love letters have the potential to turn anyone’s day around especially a girls'.
By writing her a love letter she will feel like you put a lot of thought and effort into the process. It is also something that she can hold onto forever and look back at with a smile.
Writing a love letter to your girlfriend can be viewed as one of the ultimate romantic acts to do for her.
Remember, an email or text is NOT the same thing as a hand-written love letter.

Classic romance
With most girls there is no such thing as cliché. Kissing in the rain, candle-lit dinners, rose-petal trails / petals on the bed and scented candles are still completely romantic and not at all over-used or out of date.
If it was romantic then, it’s still romantic now. Sometimes everything doesn’t need to change with technology.
Open the door for her and pull out her chair

Romantic dinner
As cliché as it might sound, opening the door for her or pulling out her chair has the potential to make her feel like a princess especially if you stick to doing it in public as well.
This is another costless romantic gesture which is sure to brighten up her day.

Text her randomly to tell her you’re thinking about her
A random text can do a world of wonders especially when you least suspect it.
If you text your girlfriend at 2 am when you wake up to grab a glass of water cause you can’t sleep (for example), as weird as it might sound, it’s going to leave a lasting impression on her in a good way.
It will let her see that you think about her at all hours of the day whenever you’re awake, when you can’t sleep and every other time. She’ll be able to see that she’s not just part of your daily routine but that even when you’re not following routine she’s still in your mind… always.
Call her just to hear her voice

Call her randomly
Even if you’re constantly chatting via text, Skype, Facebook, IM or anything else, by calling ‘just to hear her voice’ (and telling her that) you’re sure to put a smile on her face.
It will make her feel more then special and she’ll feel extremely flattered.
Text conversations are fine most of the time but every now and then a phone call won’t hurt.
Dance with her
Even if you’re not a great dancer, she isn’t, or you both aren’t, just by holding her and moving to the music, that’s considered dancing and that’s going to be romantic to her.
Girls love Fairytales. It’s one of the things that no girl grows out of. Slow dancing is associated with Fairytales and Fairytales with romance. Slow dancing in itself is romantic. By doing this under the stars, in dim lighting or in the rain the romance in the idea is heightened and it’s sure to make her heart smile.
Buy her flowers or chocolates

Flowers and romance
This is probably the only costly romantic gift and it doesn’t even cost much.
A bunch of flowers, a bunch of roses and/or a box of chocolates is a romantic gift to any girl. In most cases it doesn’t even really matter what chocolate it is (could be anything from an expensive box to a bar) or what kind of flowers it is. It’s all in the thought.
If you put some effort or thought into it, your girlfriends bound to be moved by the idea.
Obviously if you want to consider whisking her away on a romantic break for two, taking her out to a fancy restaurant or taking her on a boat cruise as romantic, in their right they are but it’s more what happens on those trips that make them romantic then the idea of going away in itself.


In short, romance is all in the thought and effort. It doesn’t have to cost at all.
Just keep in mind though that the most romantic thing you can do for your girlfriend is love her, respect her, and treat her like a princess. That’s what romance is for girls.

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