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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Romantic and affordable Valentines day Gifts

Valentines Day will soon be here and as the day draws nearer we become more and more obsessed with the idea of giving the one we love the perfect gift.

'What can I get my girlfriend/boyfriend for Valentine's day? Are there any affordable/cheap but romantic Valentine's day gifts? What would be the perfect Valentine's day gift for my long term girlfriend/boyfriend? What are some romantic Valentine's day gift ideas?'

If you've found yourself pondering these questions then you definitely need to read on.

Giving and receiving Valentine's day gifts is one of the best things about being in a relationship. Remember, gifts don't need to be expensive to be valuable and romantic.

Below are top Valentine's day gift ideas as well as some useful information.

Photo Shoot

Photo's are one of the most memorable gifts. They can be looked back upon, treasured and kept forever. There can be nothing better then a well taken romantic picture to capture a moment worth remembering.

Valentine's day is all about showing your love for each other. Why not do that in a way you can remember forever?

Romantic photo shoots are top spot on the Valentine's day gift side.

Many photo studios allow themed photo shoots for couples so call and get yours booked! Surprise your partner with the idea or get it together as a gift to each other; either way its a big up when it comes to romance.

To make this gift more affordable, ditch the studio idea and take some fun pics together. Dress up or pic a theme, set up your own camera at home or get a friend to help out and start making memories!

For ideas on romantic poses read here

 Romantic / personalized framed picture.

We all love taking endless pictures with the one we love (some on those romantic or once in a lifetym dates, some of those cute or adorable moments together and some of random shots you got taken together) so why not pick one of your best/favourite pictures and have it uniquely framed!

By adding a message or your names to the frame it becomes more romantic and personalized. You'll be giving your partner a gift that he/she will always be able to remember you and your relationship by.

""All My Love" Photo Frame" - $33.00

Pictures capture precious moments so pick a picture that means a lot to both you and your partner (whether it be from your first date, a special anniversary, prom, etc) and get it framed in a special way. This will allow your partner to see that you both treasure and remember the same precious moments and is guarenteed to keep a smile on his/her face.

If you're low on finances you could always make you're own frame. Handmade frames can be just as personalized and romantic.

Coupons / vouchers

Romantic coupons or vouchers are a great idea on any occasion. They're also extremely affordable.

The idea is to give your partner romantic vouchers you feel they'd appreciate. These can be anything from massages or back rubs to dinner in bed or romantic picnics. The possibilities are endless! If you find yourself a little stranded for cash at the moment give your partner a few vouchers and when you do get that money you can give him/her that romantic night out, dinner for two or sought after vacation.

(Read on Love coupon ideas and how to make them)

Personalized T-shirt

No matter how corny wearing matching t-shirts might sound, it's still romantic and Valentines' day is the 1 day of the year you get to be as corny, soppy and romantic as you like!

The fun part about personalizing a T-shirt is that you get to put anything on it! You could choose your favourite photo of the two of you, write a special message, etc. It's all up to you. It doesn't cost that much either. You can design your own personalized t-shirt and buy it for under $25 (click here).

If you feel that being creative or designing is not your thing there are many 'already made' matching t-shirts to choose from. They range from funny and cute to sweet and romantic. There are puzzle t-shirts available too!

Love Leads Our Way Couple T-Shirts - $42.00


Romantic night

A romantic night alone is sometimes the only gift you need to make for the best Valentine's day ever.

If you're relationship has a lot of distance in it (maybe you live quite far a part, you don't get to see each other that often, or you don't live together) then this is the perfect gift.

You could plan something you both enjoy doing or that your partner loves and do it. Think romantic music, slow dance songs, your song, desert, movies, etc and spend the whole night bonding. If a night on the towns what you love doing (maybe you're a party hard couple) then go for it! Remember, Valentines day is all about you!

For a list of romantic things to do with your boyfriend or girlfriend read here
For a list of Romantic movies to watch with your boyfriend/girlfriend read here


Get a tattoo together! If you're looking for a way to say 'I'm so confident in our relationship and our love for each other that I'm willing to say FOREVER' then this is it.
There are a wide range of romantic, fun and beautiful couples tattoos that you could get. You could even personalize some or design your own from scratch or together. Possibilities are endless. Remember, if you're really confident in your relationship (confident enough to engrave your love for each other on your body) then and only then should you make this choice. This is one gift that's basically irreversible.

If you're in love but not ready for the lifetime inscription just yet then you might want to settle for something a little more temporary. Henna tattoos are an awesome alternative. They look just as beautiful as permanent tattoos, can be just as romantic but will last only a few weeks to a couple of months. You could use them as a trial run until you're sure.

For boyfriend/girlfriend matching tattoo ideas read here
For where to put couples tattoos read here

Body Massage
Body Massage

Body massages are beautiful, romantic and relaxing. They allow you to de-stress and enjoy your surroundings.

With Valentines day being a day of love this would be a great way of helping your partner release all negative energy and feelings and focus only on the love around him/her, on you and the love you bring into his/her life.

Forever charms

We all love the thought of being with someone we love forever, knowing that they're always gonna be there for us and trusting that they constantly reminded of us. By giving him/her half of something we're constantly reminding him/her that the other half is missing (us). It's one of the most romantic gestures ever.

There are so many forever charms. They range from half hearts or lock and keys to rings with inscriptions. It's all related to your specific relationship and what you as a couple view as being important. Sometimes it's just a word or a sentence that needs to be said in order to capture that forever charm feeling : Yours and Forever, Together and Forever or your names.

If your looking for something that will constantly remind your partner that neither of you is complete without the other then this is definitely a gift worth buying.

Love Letter and/or poem

This is one of the sweetest and most romantic gifts ever thought up.

If you're not usually one to show your emotions or express deeply how you feel then now is your time. Write down your feelings for your loved one in a poem or letter and give it to him or her.

Let your creative side run wild; give it an antique look by burning the edges or putting it in a chest, give it a framed look by getting it laminated or framed so that you're partner can keep it forever or give it a romantic look by dabbing some perfume or Cologne on it or sealing it with a kiss.

This is entirely your gift to go crazy with!

What's more is the fact that your partner will be able to tell how much effort, thought and time went into making the gift and it will thus mean so much more to him/her.

For extra love letter writing tips read here.

There is so much you can do for your partner this Valentine's day; Spoil him/her, show tons of affection and make your partner feel special.
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