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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Romantic gift ideas for 1 month Anniversary / First month Anniversary gifts

What should I get my new boyfriend/girlfriend for our Anniversary? What are some romantic gift ideas for a new relationship? What can i get my new boyfriend/girlfriend for our 1 month or 2 month Anniversary? We've only been together a few months / We only started dating, What are some romantic 1 month anniversary gift ideas?

One month Anniversary Gift Ideas

New relationships are exciting, fun and fresh! When it comes to buying gifts you should remember that one of the advantages of being in a new relationship is that you haven't been together long enough to have given each other almost anything yet. This is completely to your advantage!
This article is filled with romantic, sweet and affordable 1 month anniversary / new relationship gift ideas.

Top Anniversary gift ideas for new relationships

Depending on how well you know each other (whether you were friends for a while before you dated or not) you should know exactly what kind of gift to get your partner for you're first month anniversary.
If you're in a casual relationship or not sure you want to get your partner anything 'major' then stick to 'regular gifts like flowers or chocolates for your girlfriend or a cute teddy and a huge card for your boyfriend.
If you're all for getting your partner a really special anniversary gift because you really have strong feelings for him/her focus on getting your message of love across to your boyfriend or girlfriend as best you can. Get him or her something unique, special and/or personalized.

Have a look at the many great ideas below.

Personalized Teddy

The personalized eddy is highly unique and can be customized according to the level and depth of your relationship.
You get to:
  •  inscribe a message to your boyfriend/girlfriend on the Teddy's chest/t-shirt!
  • say anything from 'So glad you're mine!', 'I love You', 'Your MY forever'
  • Personalize the gift with both your names or anything else you feel you'd like to say to your boyfriend or girlfriend on your new Teddies chest
  • All for only $18 (click here)

Heart lock and Key bracelet

If you can already see your self being with your girlfriend / boyfriend for a really long time (maybe even forever) despite the fact that you've only been together officially a month, or even if you just want to 'leave your mark' then this is the perfect gift for you.
If you're the kind of partner who loves to make sure everyone knows their boyfriend or girlfriend is off limits / taken then look no further!

Key to My Heart - Lock and Key Ring - Love & Commitment (2-in-1) Steel rings

They are:
  • precious for many reasons
  • express your emotions and feelings for your partner deeply and beautifully
  • highly and completely personal and they take a lot of thought and effort making them ten times more valuable to the one you love
  • don't cost a cent to make
  • You can say "I love you" in a unique and classic way especially if you haven't yet said those precious words.

Love letters are one of the most romantic gifts ever. They make for the the saying - the best things in life ARE FREE.

Personalized Photo Frame
Want to be the first thing he/s she thinks about / sees in the morning and the last thing at night? This is the gift for you! Personalized photo frames are a good way of making sure of that.
  • You're able to personalize them according to the level of your relationship (just as with the personalized teddy).
  • Add your names or a special message (anniversary date (so that it's never forgotten), I love you, etc) and ensure that your partner will treasure and value the frame forever.

Personalized Parchment Love Picture Frame - $22.49

Photo Shoot

New Relationships equal new memories and photos are the number 1 way of capturing them. With physical albums and digital ones (increasingly popular with online displays and hosts such as Facebook and Twitter) a Photo shoot is a really great new relationship anniversary idea.

  • Increase your photo count or start a collection.
  • Take advantage of the couples discounts many studios have.
  • Affordable If you get the photo's taken at home either by you or a friend. Add to the fun and romance by finding a stand to place your camera on, setting the timer and taking the pics yourself privately!

Read here for some romantic poses.

Gift basket or chocolates

If you're really not sure what to get or would like to stick to something more simple or basic but romantic gift baskets and teddies always do the trick.
  • They will suite any one and are filled with sweetness and love.
  •  Being a relatively new couple you might not know what your boyfriend / girlfriend might like so gift baskets are always a safe bet.
                                                    Retail Price: $49.99
                                                     You Save: $10.00

Remember, unless you've discussed getting each other gifts or celebrating your one month anniversary (before hand) not everyone celebrates one month anniversaries (especially with the exchange of gifts). Some people only concentrate on yearly anniversary gifts so if you plan on getting your boyfriend / girlfriend something and you haven't spoken about it do so with an open heart not expecting anything back in return. If you do get a gift then that's great, you clearly think alike. If you don't get anything back in return that should be okay too because that shouldn't be the reason why you got him or her something in the first place (with the hope of getting something back).
Remember, no matter what you give your boyfriend / girlfriend for your anniversary, without showing him / her that he/she means a lot to you whenever you get together that means nothing.
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