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Sunday, May 13, 2012

How do I know if he loves me? : Signs that he loves me / is in love with me.

How do I know that he really loves me? How can I tell whether he loves me or not? What are the signs that he loves me?

couple in love
Knowing whether or not a guy is being sincere when he tells you that he loves you can be extremely hard. Not knowing whether or not he loves you when he hasn't said it yet can be equally hard if not harder.
There are many ways of being able to tell whether or not a guy cares deeply for you or loves you. This article will address some of the main ways of telling.

How do I know that he loves me?

1. He Says it sincerely
The fact that you're considering the thought that he might love you must mean that you feel some connection to him because you know him quite well. Maybe you've been dating for a while or have known each other for quite a long time. Regardless of the situation, you know your partner relatively well. Due to this you should be able to know when he is being sincere or truthful and when he isn't. Look into his eyes the next time he tells you that he loves you and you should be able to tell whether or not he genuinely loves you. If he looks nervous, like he could be lying or gives you any aspect of doubt in what he's saying then chances are (due to the fact that you probably know him better than anyone else), if you think he's not being sincere then he probably isn't.

2. He can't get enough of me
The amount of time you spend together can be an indicator of his feelings for you. If he makes time to be with you without you having to ask, beg or constantly schedule dates or time with him then he could possibly be genuinely in love with you. A sure sign of love is wanting to constantly be with or around the particular person. If he would rather be with you then his friends or places where you aren't in his spare time then you should take his words as being true.

3. He treats me great

Love is more then just a word - it's an action. Actions speak louder than words. For him to say that he loves you while treating you horribly, abusing you in any kind of way or neglecting you or the relationship then what he says means nothing. Someone who loves you would make sure that he treats you right, makes you feel special and most of all makes you feel loved. 

4. He's changed for me
Changing for you doesn't mean that he dropped all his bad habits, forgot all about what he likes, has no opinion and follows everything you say so that you don't argue or fight anymore or that he has changed who he was as a person. What it means is that he tries to make you happy and has changed or tried to change things about him that might have been affecting you or your relationship in a negative light.Maybe he used to be a heavy drinker but now he drinks less, maybe you used to have a problem with him going out with his friends all the time and leaving you alone at home and now he goes out with his friends less and spends more time with you. Basically if he's trying to make an effort to better himself for you he must really love you deeply and that' why he's trying so hard to make things work.

5. We've had an on and off relationship.

What this basically means is that you've had a rocky relationship with many ups and downs; all relationships have their ups and downs but maybe you've separated or had "space" a couple of times or broke up a couples of times but you always ended up back together. The fact that you keep finding your way back to each other means that there is some sort of connection between the two of you and that connection could very well be love. Being in a relationship where everything seems to be going well all the time (which is rarely possible) could mean that there are hidden problems and that either of you could snap and the relationship could end for good at any given time. It could also mean that either of you is content and not really engaged enough to express differences.

Having a relationship where you've both experienced what it felt like to be apart but have decided to be back together again could mean that you both love each other dearly and would rather be together dealing with the ups and downs then apart.

6. I'm his first love

According to research conducted by the University Of California, the first love often has a tremendous effect on a person even if they are no longer together. 
'First loves' would refer to the first person you seriously love or have a serious relationship with.It wouldn't be referring to flings, crushes or friends with benefits but the first real relationship or deep connection formed with someone. This usually takes place in mid teen or early adulthood.

You are likely to have a "soft spot" for the person you first love or have a special love for him or her.The way your relationship ended (if it did) is also said to affect the way you see future relationships.
In a nutshell, however, if you are his first love you could have an advantage over others that he will always hold that special spot for you. This alone could give you an added confirmation of his love for you.

7. We have companionship

Relationships aren't all about attraction, after a certain stage the attraction wears off and it's only an emotional (not as much a physical) connection that remains.

There is a difference between 'Love' and 'Lust'. If you have a deeper connection such as friendship or companionship to such an extent that he's just as into you emotionally as he is physically then you can be assured of his love or you.
Does he confide in you?
Does he tell you things he wouldn't usually tell others?
Does he complain to you about his family, friends, work, etc?
Do you know more about him then most other people he's close to?
These all lead to emotional connections that are worth way more then physical connections are.

8. I can feel it

Sometimes,no matter how cliche it may seem, you just have to feel it;
In his kiss,
in the way he holds your hand,
by the way he looks at you,
by the way he says he loves you (if he has already),
by the way he protects you.
Sometimes you just have to listen to your heart.

Quite often guys have a hard time expressing their feeling or stating exactly how they feel. It's times like these that you need to be able to listen to what they can't even say and you will know exactly what they're saying.

Love is amazing. Once you find it, never let go!
Be true to yourself and don't be naive. If he doesn't really love you and is only trying to use you for anything you should be able to tell this too. Love is only beautiful when it's real.

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