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Sunday, May 13, 2012

How to get a guy to notice you - How to grab his attention

How do I get him to notice me? How can I get him to ask me out? How can I get his attention?
The answer put quite simply is easier then you think.

Guys playing ball

Boys are actually easier to figure out than you might think. They can (on most occasions) be seen to be 10 times easier to read than most girls are. This article will give you simple tips on what to do to get him to notice you a little bit more.

How to get him to notice me

Flirting at school
1. Make contact.
There is no way he will be able to notice you or even acknowledge you existence if he doesn't know you're there. Most people (not only guys) will only notice you or realise that you matter once they've had contact with you. You don't need to have a lengthy conversation with him if you're nervous but find reason to talk to him just so that he knows you're there. Maybe next time he'll be the one trying to speak to you.
Look for a reason to talk to him:
Ask him where something is (a classroom , lecture hall, library, club, etc. Anything to get his attention.
Ask him what the time is (might be a really lame idea but trust me, it works and serves its purpose).

2. Get to know him.
Find a way to hang out where he hangs out, be where he is at some time or take a class he's taking. It will allow you the opportunity to get to know him better by figuring out what he's part of as well as allowing him the opportunity to "bump into you" or really notice you.
If he plays a sport take interest in watching, If he's in the drama club then audition, If he enjoys going clubbing or surfing - try it out. Try something new and you might be in for a pleasant surprise.

Make him notice you
3. Ask around.
Get talking to some people and see if you can get an official introduction. If you have any mutual friends get them to introduce you to each other. If you don't, maybe one of you're friends does. Ask around and you never know. Getting someone to officially but casually introduce you to each other could make things ten times easier and save you the effort of having to try and make contact with him by yourself.

This might seem like what you've been trying to do but in all the other tips you're doing all the work. This tip means he'll be the one trying to get your attention.
  • Dress up (but appropriate for the environment you're in); do your hair, wear something cute, maybe get your make up done and go all out for REALLY grabbing his attention.
  • Physically "accidentally-on purpose" bump into him.
  • Make eye contact.
  • Introduce yourself (if you can find the courage to). Say something like "Aren't you in my maths class?", "You look familiar, do you hang out at Catz Cafe?" or "Aren't you on the hockey team". By doing this you won't come across as obsessed or 'stalker-ish' but just observant. He'll probably say something like "Yeah I am" and you can say something like "Oh I thought you looked familiar. I'm (your name)..."  
  • If you grab his attention with the eye contact, looking good or coming across as sweet or friendly chances are you won't need to introduce yourself and he'll introduce himself first.
  • Regardless on who makes the first introduction, be polite, tell him it was nice meeting him and that maybe you'll see him around and leave. Keeping the conversation short and seeming like you have somewhere else to be would likely make him find even more interest in you.  
5. Be confident and Happy.
There is nothing guys find more attractive in girls then bubbly personalities, tons of confidence (not huge egos - there is a big difference) and a sense of carefree-ness or fun. They love being with someone that seems happy (not grumpy or moody all the time) and like fun to be around.
Having confidence means that you're pleased with everything about yourself. No-one is perfect. We all have our flaws (whether physical, emotional or both) but having confidence means that you're happy with the way you are. Being confident allows a guy to see you the way you see yourself. If you're happy with the way you are a guy will find that as attractive and be happy with the way you are too. Confidence results in a glow that no guy can overlook.

It doesn't take much to get a guy to notice you and once you've gotten him to notice you, if the attraction is there then you've passed one of the biggest obstacles. The next step is keeping that attention. Remember, it's not meant to be a stressful situation to get someone to notice you. He's just as human as you are so take a deep breath, fill up on confidence and happiness and you'll have him noticing you in no time.
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