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Sunday, May 6, 2012

How to tell Your Girlfriend you love her - Saying I love you for the first time

How do I tell my Girlfriend I love her for the first time? What are some romantic or sweet ways of telling my girlfriend I love her? I would like to tell my girlfriend I love her for the first time but don't know how - what should I do?
Telling your girlfriend you love her for the first time

If you find that your mind is flooded with these thoughts then congratulations for being ready to take the next step and you've come to the right place for ideas.

Saying the words "I Love You" to someone for the first time can be a completely nerve wrecking experience. Not only are you trying your best to make it a special moment but you might also be completely nervous due to the fact that you're not entirely sure how she will react or what she will say. You might be struggling to stay focused on the hope that she will say that she loves you too but the thought that she might not may just keep popping into your head.

Mean It

The most important thing with regards to saying "I love you" is to mean it. I you really mean what you're saying your girlfriend will be able to sense it and know and feel just how sincere you are. There is nothing worse then being lied to so don't say you love her if it's not how you feel, you're looking to get something from her or deceive her in any way or you think it's just the right thing to do. If you don't feel it; Don't say it.

Be Prepared

The first step in planning on saying the three magic words is to be prepared. Already we have acknowledged the fact that she might or might not say that she loves you back. That is just a reality that we need to face. In all honesty before you tell her that you love her you will already know deep down what her reply might be. The duration of your relationship (the length of time you've been together), how well you know each other, how close you are and her obvious feeling towards you should all let you know whether or not she does in fact love you too.
She might feel exactly the same way you do but just be waiting for you to say those three special words first.
No matter what your instincts are telling you, whether you're 100% confident in her love or filled with doubts, if you're ready to take the step and tell her that you love her, you're going to need to be prepared. You'll need to prepare yourself for either situation and the only way to do that is to go into it with an open heart.
You're supposed to be telling this girl that you love her because it's how you feel, because it's the truth and because you'd like her to know not because you'd like something in return. If this is why you're doing it then you're already prepared. Go in there knowing that the only thing you want from telling her you love her is for her to know and no matter what she says in reply, you'll be completely fine and content (if she doesn't say it back) or really happy (if she says it back).
Go in there with the right mindset and all your doubts will fade away.

Make it special

The fact that you're thinking about how to tell her you love her or how to say it already shows that you're looking to make it special and that's great. You telling her that you love her for the first time is really special and it's great that you're looking to portray it that way.
There are many ways that you could do this:
  • Pick a special spot (some place you both like, somewhere important to you both like where you first met, where you shared your first kiss or where you had your first date).
  • Go big or go private. You should know what kind of girl your girlfriend is. If she's the kinda girl that likes to keep her business to herself then do something romantic in a private place. If she's the kind of girl that likes attention then go big and all out in a park or semi private place with balloons or something that are sure to stand out.
  • Make it an "announcement". This doesn't necessarily mean announce it on a loud speaker for the whole town to hear; what it means is don't make it part of the conversation in a "oh by the way I love you" kind of way or randomly end the phone call saying "oh and I love you bye" make it important because that's what it is. 
  • Tell her in advance "Can we meet up tonight I need to tell you something really important that I think it's time you knew". Make her wonder what it is and put her in suspense. Or once you're together tell her "There is something I really need to tell you..." Let her know that something big and important is coming up.
  • Look into her eyes and hold her hand when you tell her. Don't tell her over the phone, via text or by email for the really first time - MAKE IT SPECIAL.
  • Build up to it. Say something sweet and romantic including how you feel about her like: "I've wanted to tell you this for a while but wasn't sure how. We've been together for 4 months now and everyday I'm with you seems to be better than the day before. You're the best thing that's ever happened to me and I really wanna be with you for as long as is possible. I want you to know that I'm past just liking you. I Love you. I really honestly do..."
Remember, love is something beautiful and true. Once you feel it be sure to share it but if it's not there don't pretend it is. Remember to keep an open heart and to not expect anything in return. Tell her you love her because you want her to know not because you expect her to do something about it.

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