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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

10 Major signs that a relationship is over or at risk of ending soon

What are some signs that a relationship might end? How do I know if my relationship is at risk of ending? What are signs that my relationship might end? Is my relationship in danger or at risk of ending?
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Relationships end for various reasons; sometimes they end because of a mistake someone made other times they end because they were just never meant to last.
This article contains 10 top signs that a relationship is at risk of ending or heading towards a break-up or divorce.

Please note that all the signs are merely clues and signs to help you save your relationship and are to be used as a warning. They are not signs that are telling you that your relationship is going to end. All examples and problems within a relationship in trouble can be fixed and/or worked on if both parties want the relationship badly enough.

Signs that a relationship is in danger

1.      Either or both of you have lost interest.
As was mentioned above, a relationship can be worked on or fixed if you both want it badly enough. Wanting a relationship means having interest in it, displaying dedication to it and making it work. If either or both of you lose interest in the relationship it doesn’t have the fighting strength within it and could be fast headed for a painful ending.

Sad couple
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   2.      Feelings of love and / or affection are fading.
It’s a known fact that when you start a relationship in the initial levels of it both partners are bound to be head over heels in love with each other, they’ll do whatever it takes to impress the other and overlook all of their partners flaws in an aim to find and keep true everlasting love (as they might see it). As the relationship progresses those feelings might subside a little; she might not dress up as much or as often as she had in an aim to impress him and he might not buy her flowers or make her feel as special as he had done in an aim to sweep her off her feet. This is usually due to the fact that both individuals are likely to become overly comfortable in the relationship.

A little bit of comfort in a relationship is okay as long as it doesn’t kill the flame or romance aspect of the relationship completely. Similar to this (although it shouldn’t be) is the aspect of love. For some, strong feelings of ‘love’ are evident in the beginning of the relationship but as the relationship progresses the feelings of ‘love’ subside.
If the love is fading then chances are so is the relationship and determination to make it work. Love shouldn’t fade. If it fades it means that it was likely never love to begin with and more likely infatuation or lust.

Dying love is likely to equal a dying relationship.

3.      You can hardly keep a flowing conversation anymore
Communication is key in any relationship. If you’ve gotten to a point where you don’t communicate anymore then there is definitely a great problem.
There is a difference between an occasional comfortable silence between you and your partner (as you lay in each other’s arms, enjoy scenery, watch something on TV, eat dinner, etc.) but if it’s not comfortable but more of an awkward silence (you’ve run out of things to say, you’ve given up on trying to make small talk, you don’t feel comfortable with each other anymore) then you need to assess the situation if you’d like to change your relationship.
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The case of communication also runs deeper with regards to conflict. If you both voice your opinions to such an extent that you don’t agree on every single thing, seem to debate or argue quite a bit or have healthy disputes within your relationship it shows that you both are two individual people with different likes and dislikes (hence you won’t agree on every single thing) but you’re comfortable enough to share your opinion with your partner. It also shows that you both express your likes and dislikes with regards to your partners behaviour or what you view to be okay or not okay in your relationship (maybe you argue about him staying out late or her being overly flirtatious with other guys). Once you stop arguing and merely just do as you both will (you’re okay with him staying out till any hour of the morning or don’t care whether or not she’s flirting with or seeing other guys) that demonstrates a clear lack of interest (as displayed in the first sign) and is a major sign of ‘giving up on your relationship’. When either of you stops caring enough to communicate how he or she feels, the relationship could be in tremendous danger.

4.      The relationship feels over
If one or both of you has said that the relationship feels over then chances are it is but neither of you have made it official yet.
Feeling like you’re single or alone when in a relationship is a sure sign that you don’t have a connection to the relationship or the other person anymore and the relationship could thus be on the brink of ending.

Cheating in relationships
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  5.      Either of you has developed some sort of attraction to someone else.
Having feelings for someone else or feeling an attraction to him or her could be due to or lead to an ending relationship.
With regards to being due to it, many find that when feeling isolated in a current relationship or like their partner doesn’t care about the relationship, he or she is likely to have his or her attention drawn to another potential partner or someone who appears to fill the void or seem more likely to be the perfect partner.
With regards to leading to it, some upon feeling an attraction to someone else might look for excuses to end a current relationship. He or she might become distant, loose interest in the relationship or just seem to give up on it.

6.      You can no longer see a future together or are unsure of whether or not you’d like to spend forever with the other person.
If either of you has developed doubts with regards to whether or not you’d like to spend forever with the other, this is a sure sign of a worrisome relationship especially if you’ve been together for a really long time (years).
A stable relationship hosts two individuals who love each other enough to want to make a lifelong commitment to each other, if that is still not happening after a long time or either of you is not sure about whether it will happen (maybe he or she doesn’t feel certain that as a long term couple (as in forever) you’d be solid enough or anything else) then the relationship should definitely be reassessed.

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7.      You’re together for the wrong reasons
If you’re together or still together for reasons other than love then you’re relationship is bound to be extremely rocky.
Many find themselves in relationships or staying in relationships due to one of the parties having a lot of money, being worried that he or she might not be able to find anyone better, emotional abuse or for the children.
Relationships where people are together for all the wrong reasons are extremely unstable and could either end at any given moment or drag out with two completely unhappy individuals.

8.      You don’t feel loved anymore
Feeling like your partner doesn’t love, value or appreciate you anymore can result in you losing interest in the relationship or ending it.
It’s important that both individuals are made to feel valued and appreciated within a relationship in order for it to last.

9.      He or she is no longer the reason you smile but the reason you feel unhappy or sad instead
Your partner is meant to be the reason you’re happy and not the reason you’re sad. If you feel happier when he or she isn’t around or when you’re not thinking about him or her then this should definitely be something worth thinking about and looking at.

Sad girl
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 10.   You don’t feel happy anymore
Love and happiness go together. If you’re with the one you love and he or she loves you then you’re bound to be happy. All relationships have their fair shares of ups and downs but if the downs outweigh the ups; the relationship is not going to last.
A relationship without happiness at least most of the time, is pointless.

As has been priory mentioned, all relationship problems have a chance of being fixed or sorted out if the problems are detected and if both parties are dedicated to the relationship and want to make it work. There is hope for every wanted relationship because love can conquer everything.

In order to fix your relationship you need to know what the problems are. If sorting out your relationship as a couple hasn’t worked or might not work and you really want to fix things, it might be best to consider getting relationship or marriage counselling. Statistics for success rates with regards to counselling and relationship therapy are moderately high.

If you really love your partner, don’t give up on the relationship but if you feel there is no hope then don’t drag a dead relationship along. Have the decency to end things.
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