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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

How to tell or find out how a guy or girl really feels about you: How do I know how he or she feels about me?

How do you tell if your friend wants to be more then friends? How do you tell if your ex wants you back?  How do you tell if he or she likes you in the same way?
A persons feelings for you can be revealed in many ways. One of the simplest ways of uncovering someones feelings for you is by looking at hints or signs they might give when interacting or communicating with you. Depending on how well you know someone, how many friends you have in common or how much time you spend together, you should be able to figure out their true feelings for you relatively easily.
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As with most things in life, there are some negatives to relying solely on hints or signs in an aim to find out how someone might feel about you. The main problem for this usually lies in the fact that hints and signs can at times be missed or misread often leading to feelings of confusion or misunderstandings.

The easiest way to find out how someone feels (with lowered chances of confusion) is by asking him or her. There are a few guidelines or tips with regards to this that could make things a little simpler or easier to bare.

This article was done in two parts. If you haven't yet, read the first five tips (including the kind of atmosphere or surroundings you should be in, how to behave and flirting tips) here.

10 Tips in finding out how someone feels about you: tips 6 to 10

6.  Write a letter

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If the thought of a face to face conversation instills mere fear in you or you’re nervous about speaking to your partner face to face about your feelings or asking him or her about theirs, then a letter would be the perfect solution.

There are many advantages to writing a letter:

·        It allows you to say EVERYTHING you want to say without the fear of forgetting anything (as you can take your time in writing it)
·        It allows you to speak your mind without being interrupted
·        You don’t need to feel nervous
·        If you’re an emotional person and are worried that you might get really emotional or burst into tears while expressing yourself to your partner this is a good way to prevent that

A letter is not there to replace the conversation but merely a means of starting or introducing it and allowing you to have your say in a more comfortable way.
In the letter you can express all your feelings as well as end it off with whatever it is you’d like to know from your partner.
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    7.      Blend it in with the rest of the conversation

Whether you decide to go with writing a letter as an introduction or just going straight to the discussion it is important that you blend it in with the rest of your conversation.

You don’t want to say “we need to talk” as it might damper the mood or put your partner in more of a nervous or defensive mode. Rather gradually tread onto the topic in a casual way.

When you’re date is almost over (as towards the end of the date is the best time to have the conversation) and you’ve found your private or semi-private spot to talk, get comfortable with your partner. Cuddle her, lie in his arms or be anywhere else you feel comfortable and bit by bit drag in the topic.

Hopefully around this time he or she will tell you what a great time they had or you could do the same. When you're both settled and you're ready to get into the conversation, say something like “Where do you see us going”, “What do you see me as” or “If someone asked you how you felt about me, what would you say?”

Make your questions light, direct and open ended for your partner to be able to be as honest or open as possible. If you feel the reply you get is a little too vague or you don’t quite understand it ask other questions while the mood is still right.

   8.      Don’t turn it into an interrogation -Make light of the situation

Be sure to ask soft but direct questions. You need to know how your partner feels but you don’t want to make it seem like he or she is on trial or being interrogated.
Keep a light happy mood while asking your questions and try as hard as you can to make your partner feel comfortable and not like he or she needs to know the “right answer”.

Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net

    9.      Be okay with the outcome

No matter what the outcome is be prepared for it. Be prepared for the fact that everything could go just the way you want it to and you could be extremely happy with the outcome but also be prepared for in case it doesn’t.

If he or she doesn’t see you as anything more than a friend, be okay with that. If he or she doesn’t want to get back together with you or give your relationship another shot, be okay with that too.
Just knows that no matter what happens at least you will know exactly how he or she feels and you can go on with your life whether with him or her and as a couple or as a single person looking for your real true love (who would definitely still be out there waiting for you if he or she is not the right person for you).

      10.   Be proud

No matter the outcome, good or bad, be happy and proud of yourself as you managed to put yourself first by going out there and finding out where you stand with someone. His or her feelings are a part of your life as if you don’t know how he or she feels about you; you could miss out on a great love opportunity or waste a whole lot of time focusing your energy on someone who doesn’t feel the same way.

Love is all about taking chances. Sometimes it’s exactly what we hope for and sometimes it isn’t but the important thing is to put yourself out there and try.

As the saying goes:

  ‘Don’t let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game!’
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