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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

How long should I wait to tell my Girlfriend I love her? - When should I tell my girlfriend I love her?

Hi Jade, I recently started dating my girlfriend (a week ago) and we seem to be very close; we hug, kiss, hold hands, and talk about one another. My question for you is, how long should I wait to tell her I love her?  A month, a few months or 6 months? What would be an appropriate amount of time being together before I should tell her I love her.

Hi there!

Thanks for contacting me with your question.

I apologise for the delay in replying due to volumes.

When it comes to telling some one you love them it should be a spontaneous action and not one that is carefully timed out. You shouldn't be planning on when to tell her you love her before you even feel like you do (I don't know if that makes much sense). What I mean is that when you really and truly, 100% feel it, that's when you should tell her. True love and infatuation are often confused. Please read here for more on the difference .

There is no harm in waiting until you're sure to tell her that you love her. It's better to be sure then to go around telling every girl you're with you love them just because you can. She will cherish each word ten times more when she feels like you really mean it. Saying it too soon (after a week or a month) might make her feel that you're not being sincere or you say it to everyone but being genuine and saying it after two months or more (depending on when you're sure) will make it so much more special. Every body's different but 3 months should be perfect. A little before (like 2 months) or a little after (like 4 months) should be great too.

Read here for how to tell her you love her when you're ready (if you haven't yet).

Good luck and God Bless

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