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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

SIngle Teen Moms: "I studied and finished school / graduated from College while being a single mom"

How do you deal with being a single mom? How do you manage being a single mom while studying? Can I finish school as a single mom? Can I graduate from high school / college while being a single mom? Are there any examples of real single teen moms who are successful?

If you find yourself asking any of the above mentioned questions, than this is one post you shouldn't miss.

I did an interview with a really inspirational and amazing young lady, Chelsea Harles. She's 19 and from Saint Cloud in the United States of America. She's a single mom to a beautiful baby girl and just graduated from College. Anyone in the same or similar position she is or was is bound to learn a lot from her. Enjoy!

Chelsea: Studied and graduated while being a single mom

Q: Thank you so much for taking the time to share your story with us. I am sure that it will help a lot of people and encourage many. How would you say the past year has been for you?

A: The past year has been so hectic for me to say the least. I have been balancing going to school full time as well as becoming a single mother in the process. The father to my daughter was in her life through the whole pregnancy and until she was about 2 weeks old. The responsibility was too much for him so he decided to leave us.

Q: Congratulations on graduating. What did you study?

A: I got my Associate in Applied Science degree in Accounting.
Q: How long was your course? Is it completely done and dusted now or do you still have more studying to do?

A: The course is a two year course. I am done with that course but I am going to transfer over to the University and go for my 4 year degree in Accounting and eventually become a CPA.

Q: That's awesome. I wish you everything of the best with regards to that.
You have a beautiful baby girl, Maleeka. What made you decide on that name? It’s really pretty.

A: Thank you very much! As I was pregnant her father and I went through a couple of names and Maleeka was actually the only name we could agree on!

Q: How old is she?

A: She just turned 8 months old!

Q: How did you feel when you got the news that you were expecting?

A: When I found out I was expecting I was VERY scared at first because I was afraid of what my parents would say, but I was also very excited too because I knew I would be a great mother!

Q: You were spot on about being an awesome mom! You’re a supermom :)

How did your parents react? Was it exactly how you thought it would be? The news must have been pretty surprising to them.

A: They were very mad at first and disappointed. They always wanted me to succeed and have a nice easy life and they knew that adding a child to the mix would make it very stressful. They did eventually get over it when it all sunk in that I was in fact having a baby and when Maleeka was born they fell in love with her instantly and think she is the perfect baby!

Q: What was the first thing you did or the first person you told?

A: The first person I told was her father and we both celebrated by going out to eat.

Q: What were the first thoughts going through your mind?

A: My first thought was how am I going to do this? Am I going to have help through it all? How will my parents react?

Chelsea and her beautiful daughter Maleeka
Q: Who would you say was your major support system?

A: I would have to say that my parents are a great support system and I know I couldn’t have done all this without my friends Rebecca and Andre!

Q: Was there any negativity? How did you deal with it?

A: I had a lot of negativity. People would say I won’t be able to go to school and have a child. A lot of these people were supposed to be my friends as well. I didn’t listen to them. I always kept myself positive through it all.

Q: What was the hardest part for you? How did you overcome it or deal with it?

A: I think the hardest part for me would have to be when her father decided to not be with me anymore. We were engaged and had plans to get married after I graduated and we would be a little family. Things didn’t happen that way and I was so sad. It was hard to make plans and to figure out what I was going to do with Maleeka and how I was going to manage being a single mom. I had a lot of support through it all and I couldn’t have done it without my family and friends. I also know that it just wasn’t in God’s plan for us to be together that he has someone out there for me! I’m just waiting for that lucky someone!

Q: Interesting how he left feeling like the pressure was too much for him when anyone can just look at you and see what you’ve accomplished while being a mom to Maleeka. That’s not a real man. He doesn’t deserve either of you and never did.

You’re spot on. God does have better plans for you. A better person. Sometimes we feel confused and struggle to come to terms with things because we can only see one part of the picture but God can see the bigger picture. He can see everything and He knows exactly what lies around every corner. We just have to trust Him. Also He never gives us a challenge He knows we can’t handle and you really proved that.

You’re an awesome and inspirational young lady. You really are. What piece of advice would you give other young ladies who may find themselves in the same or a similar position?

A: I would say to never give up ever! It is such a great feeling succeeding weather it’s graduating from high school, college, or just being a great mother! You’re always going to have someone trying to bring you down or saying you’re not good enough, but don’t listen to all the negativity! You are strong and you can get through it! If I could then I know that anyone in a similar situation can as well!

Q: Awesome advice.
Think Maleeka could expect a little brother or sister anytime soon? :)

A: I definitely want more kids someday! I just need to find a good man who will be there for me and to support me in life!

When Mr. Right does make an appearance, don’t forget that I’d love to be the first to know! A follow-up interview would be much needed :D

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. It’s really such an honor being able to have this chat with you.

Everything of the best with Uni! Remain the awesome mom and person you are!
God Bless
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