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Monday, August 26, 2013

How to get a guy to kiss you: Make him kiss you

How do you get a guy to kiss you? How can I make him kiss me? How can I make him want to kiss me? 
There is nothing worse then wanting so badly to kiss that one guy you've had your eye on for the past year, month, day or even few minutes but being too shy to do so. You may want him to kiss you but dread the thought of making the first move. There are a few clever tips to giving him mega hints and getting him to take that step in gluing his lips to yours.

1. Be close enough.

There is no way he can kiss you from a distance or while your hanging around on the other side of the room. You have got to get close enough for him to sense that you want to be close to him. Arms length is okay for a 'friends' relationship if that's what you're going for but if you really want him to kiss you, you're going to have to make sure he notices your closeness.
  • Sit close to him.
    You need to be close enough to actually feel a part of you (your arm or leg) touching his. This should mean close enough for a kiss.
  • Turn into him.
    When you're seated close enough this should be simple to do. You need to turn to him the same time as he's turning to you in order for you to catch each others eyes while having your faces quite close to each other. This is really not as complex as it sounds as it's merely a case of being close enough and asking him something that requires him looking at you to answer.
  • Do the 'hair thing'.
    The 'hair thing' is your classic movie kissing scene introduction and yet it works almost every time. If your guy has long hair this will basically be a mimic of what almost every movie guy does before kissing the girl. If he's your ordinary short haired guy then this can still be achieved with a simple 'dusting off what's in your hair' trick. It's the same as moving his hair from his face except you're picking out or removing a fake twig, piece of fluff or anything else from his hair. If you're brave enough, go for the classic eye lash trick - removing an eye lash from under his eye, it will allow you to get really close and often works just as good on guys as it does on girls.

2. Smell good.

If you want him to get close enough to you to kiss you, you're going to want to smell good enough for him to not have to hold his breath while doing so. Grab some deodorant and monitor those bodily odours. Grab a dab of perfume and some breath freshener and you should pretty much be good to go.

3. Lick your lips.

A universal law of attraction proves that your eyes are drawn to areas of movement. By licking your lips your drawing attention to your lips and naturally arousing interest in him to kiss them. The trick is to do it subconsciously and subtly and not obviously and grossly. You want to entice him - not gross him out. A better way of achieving this might be to casually nibble on the one side of your lip briefly (count out 2 seconds in your head) - this someone how comes across more natural and should have the desired effect.

4. Make a joke.

Find a way of hinting in a joke - 50% rule always applies (50% of what you say when joking is the truth). A dare is also an amazing idea when it comes to guys. They somehow have a hard time passing up a good challenge.
  • Joke Idea:
    He says: Okay, I've gotta run now. Gotta catch up on that project I told you about.
    You say: You can't leave yet.
    He says: Um... why not?
    You say: You haven't kissed me...
  • Dare idea:
    I dare you to kiss me in front of everyone at this party / in this mall, etc
5. Stare into his eyes.

Most guys, by nature, fear rejection. They would run a mile at even the thought of a girl turning them down. If he feels like you might turn away or disapprove of him kissing you; he won't do it. By staring into his eyes, and maybe having the courage to move in slightly closer allowing him to move in the rest of the rest of the way, you will give him that little bit of courage to know that you want to kiss him and actually 'approve' of it.

6. Be alone.

Some guys are just plain SHY. If your guy is one of these, there is no way he'll even think about kissing you in front of a group of people. That means you need to make it your duty to find some 'alone time' for you and him. You don't need to be in a secluded place with completely no-one (depending on your guy) but you do need to think out of the box a little with this.

  • Find a quiet corner of the party venue.
  • Go for a stroll in the garden or find a shady area of the garden.
  • Listen to some music in the car (this is a good excuse to get some alone / kiss time)
There are numerous opportunities - it's up to you to create them.

7. Use a kiss as a prize

Similarly to having a kiss become part of a dare or a bet, you could also use it as a prize. As mentioned earlier, guys love challenges - why not challenge him to anything possible and have a kiss as a prize. This will allow you to tell how interested in you he is - judge by looking at how hard he tries to win. If he seems uninterested and almost as if he's letting you win deliberately then clearly he doesn't want to kiss you. If he seems like he's really trying, then win or loose let him have that kiss - after all it's what you want anyway.

Kissing can be fun!!!

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