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Monday, November 18, 2013

Christmas gift for long distance girlfriend / boyfriend - Long Distance Relationships Christmas Gifts

What should I get my long distance love for Christmas? What are some affordable yet romantic / sweet gifts for a long distance relationship? What can I give my long distance boyfriend / girlfriend for Christmas?

The following are a few awesome ideas of gifts for long distance relationships.

Long Distance relationship T-Shirts

There can be nothing as romantic or sweet as a long distance relationship T-Shirt. This will give your long distance love something to wear or cuddle to when thinking about you, something to remember you by and something to showcase you're love to the rest of the world by all in one.

A cheap alternative:

Grab a plain white or light coloured T-shirt and get creative by drawing on it, writing little messages all over it or painting it. It will be just as memorable and will add a very personal touch to your gift.

You Complete Me Couple T-Shirts - $42.00

Complete My Heart Couple T-Shirts - $42.00

Love is on the Way Couple T-Shirts Black - $42.00

Long Distance Relationship Pillows

We miss those we care most about right before bed or right when we wake up - that's one of the best signs of true love (First thought in the morning; Last thought at night).

The following pillow sets are an awesome gift idea for cuddling and remembrance. There are various messages and ideas available to chose from and they're not nearly all that pricey.

A cheap alternative:

Let you're creative juices flow again just as with the T-shirt by self decorating a plain pillowcase.

Forever Pillowcases - $36.00

Soulmate Pillowcases - $36.00

Together in Love Pillowcases - $36.00

Personalised Sterling Silver Plated 512MB USB Flash Keychain BLOWOUT SALE!! - $16.69

Personal Long Distance Relationship Gifts

By customising something you're sure to add a personal touch and an element of you which is extremely important when it comes to long distance relationships where you can't always be around each other.

A gift as simple as a USB once personalised can mean the world to the one you love. Besides the personal engraving on the outside, what's inside counts more. Fill the USB with messages, videos, photos and video messages just for your love and you can be ensured he or she will treasure the gift forever.

A cheap Alternative:

If you can't afford to purchase an engraved USB, get an ordinary one and follow the same process of personalising the content on it. A USB shouldn't cost that much but all the memories, photo's and words of love are sure to be priceless.

Personalized Keepsake Box - Lasting 

Memories - $25.49

A Keepsake box is just as precious as a personalized USB. There can be nothing more romantic, sweet or memorable than a box full of messages, love letters, photos and precious memories in any other form. If you can't be with the one you love on Christmas day allow him or her the gift of the memories and good times you shared whether throughout your relationship or in Christmases past.

A cheap alternative would be to make a keepsake box yourself. Use an old box or any container really (a tin, jar, crate, etc) and follow the same idea of filling it with memories. Spend a lot of work making it look good on the outside too - use ribbons, bows, wrapping paper, etc.

Personalized Picture Frame - Simply Love - $25.49

A picture frame is always a winning gift. Also focused on memories, a personalized photo frame allows you to emphasise an important moment in time for the two of you as well as surround it with words that describe how you feel personally.

Personalized Rounded Edge Cross Necklace - $21.24
A personalized Cross is the perfect gift if your love is Spiritual or your relationship is grounded in Faith and God (which is always the best thing to do). With Christmas being a religious holiday there couldn't be a gift more appropriate.

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