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Saturday, November 23, 2013

In a relationship, what does it mean to take a break?

What does 'taking a break' mean? What does it mean to 'take a break'? Whay would you take a break from a relationship? Is it okay to take a break from a relationship?

Taking a break when it comes to a relationship basically means taking time a part or suspending your relationship. In suspending you're relationship you're merely supposed to be taking time apart from it and almost placing it on ice for a predetermined period of time.

When you take a break from a relationship you're supposed to be using the time apart to decide whether you're actually better off together or a part.

The benefits of taking a break are meant to be the fact that the time a part should either open your eyes to see how much better off you are together by you missing the other person and realizing that they're no longer around, or you'd realize that you're a lot happier without the other person. it's meant to be n eye opener either way you look at it.

The negatives of taking a break is that people often use them for the wrong reasons. Some may decide on a break because they want to date or see other people without feeling guilty or like their in a committed relationship, have freedom to do as they please or experiment with a certain other person.

A good idea would be to set up rules or understandings around taking a break before you go into one. Decide what you both understand by it - what is acceptable behavior and what isn't. If anything this will avoid disappointment if you plan on getting back together with your partner (r hope to) after the break. it's also good to decide on a certain date or time span you will give the break so that you can meet on a decided date and decide whether you want to be together or not. This will avoid dragging on the pain, wonder and hope.
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