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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Being away from your boyfriend / girlfriend / husband / wife at Christmas: Coping with Long Distance Relationships at Christmas

How do I deal with being alone at Christmas? How do I deal with being without my partner at Christmas? My husband / wife won't be home for Christmas, What do I do? My boyfriend / girlfriend can't be with me for Christmas, how can we make it special?

Long distance relationships can be extremely painful especially during Christmas time. The hardest thing possible is watching those around you have a joyous time in the spirit of the season enjoying every moment with the ones they love those those closet to them while you have to be so far apart from yours.

The following might help you cope a bit better this Christmas.

1. Make it special

The fact that you can't be together on Christmas or over the Festive season is no reason for you not to make it special. make an effort to work together in ensuring a beautiful and special Christmas for the both of you. If you're getting each other gifts make sure to send them r have them delivered well in advance as I'm sue you'd hate for your love to receive a late present. The earlier, the better.
Be sure to let him or her know how you feel about them and that you're really not happy about the fact that you have to spend the holiday a part. Start saving early from next year in order to ensure that you get to spend next years Christmas together and let your partner know that you intend doing this. No words could be sweeter than - I promise, this is the last Christmas we ever have to spend a part no matter what. Keep your promise - there could be no better Christmas present then that.

2. Find a way of connecting

Just because you can't physically be together doesn't mean you can't connect this Christmas. Be sure to chat or call as often as you can during the day. Stay awake until midnight together, open your gifts together or sing a Christmas Carol together. There are many ways of connecting to one person - you should know that extremely well as you've been able to maintain your long distance relationship thus far.

3. Surprise him or her

If it is at all possible or there is even the slightest chance or opportunity to do so - make a plan to physically be with him or her. Surprise him or her by showing up on Christmas day or Christmas Eve- it is bound to be the best gift he or she could have ever asked for.

Take the drive down, the bus or anything you can afford and make the time to spend the day with him or her.

4. Make use of Video

Video is somehow more personal then phone calls or instant message. There is something son a completely different level about being able to actually see the one you love in a motion picture verses a still one. Try and make use pf Skype or any other video chat platform and spend a few hours if possible chatting to him or her. Build a connection by touching your hands to the screen at the same time, making pictures together by splitting the screen or just enjoying each others company and presence. if you have no means of using video chat send each other recorded videos of each other, He or she will be able to keep this and what it over and over again.

5. Be Romantic

There are many ways to be romantic even when you can't be together. think out of the box and make it count.
A really sweet, cute and cost free idea is getting random messages to your love. Have friends (of yours, his/hers or both) to call/text/email, etc him or her telling him or her how much you love, care for and miss him or her. This will come as a complete shock and is bound to bring a smile to his or her face.

How it works:

Friend Number one calls your love and says "Hey just calling to tell you that (your name) really misses you a lot and loves you and wishes he could be with you this Christmas".

5 minutes later Friend Number 2 calls and says "Hey (her name). I'm (his name), (your name)'s friend. I just wanted to let you know that he or she talks about you 24/7 and is really upset that you can't be together today.

5 minutes after that Friend number 3 texts "Hey (her name). Just a quick note to tell you how much (your name) loves you. he or she is like totally obsessed with you and wishes he or she could be with you right now.

You can have as many people as you'd like do this. for it to to really seem special and not just like a coincidence or something it's best to have at least 5 people do it.

Other Romantic ideas -

Write a love letter
A message in a bottle
Romantic Gifts
Top Romantic and Christmas songs for Long Distance Relationships (Make a CD or playlist and send it to the one you love)

Remember, Christmas is a time of happiness and bliss. it's a time to remember the love that was brought into the world and to celebrate it with those you love whether you can be together physically pr not.
Have an awesome and Blessed one.

Merry Christmas!

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