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Monday, December 2, 2013

Should I get a divorce or give up on my marriage? - Thought for the day

Should I call it quits? Should I get a divorce? Should I leave my husband / wife? Should I just give up on my marriage?

The world today is plagued with divorces. It is nothing new to hear a friend is getting a divorce or someone you haven't seen in a while is no longer with the man you watched them marry. Couples are getting divorced at a rapid rate. 

When asking yourself the question - should I give up on my marriage, it is important to think about the reason for the question even popping in your mind. Are your problems bigger than the commitment you made before God? That should be your number one question. If you can answer no to this question then you should definitely NOT get a divorce or give up on your marriage.

The first few years of marriage can be extremely hard. They can be terrifying, gruesome and challenging. The important thing is to take each day as it comes and to try your best to work through your problems. Is your husbands partying habits a reason to get a divorce? Is the fact that she's constantly involving her mother in your relationship a reason for divorce? Is his obsession with PlayStation a reason for divorce? These things and at times even more severe issues (such as drinking problems, addictions and abuse) can be fixed. They are minor compared to other bigger problems like abuse (physical or substance) and infidelity. 

I say - NO. Don't throw in the towel too easily.

Financial problems, bad habits and immaturity can be fixed and worked on. It's not oath ending your marriage over and don't let anyone tell you any different. If you've tried more then three times to work on something in your relationship and there is no way forward without fixing it then if you must consider a divorce but unless you've given it your all on more then one or two or even three occasions and it's something really major work on it, keep trying and remain positive. 

Marriages are ended way too easily these days. Don't become another statistic.
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My Book!!! Click on the image to read the first couple of chapters online
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