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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Do looks count in relationships?

I’m dating someone out of my league. He or she is too hot for me. I’m hotter then my boyfriend or girlfriend. Do looks count?

The famous and well known movie ‘Beauty and the Beast’ may be a firytale to many but in a lot of cases (although not as extremely) is a reality.

In todays age looks, popularity or status have become extremely important with the term ‘out of my legue- becoming more and more evident. Tv alone with the average male and female watching over 20 hours of it a week, plays a major role in the midsets of individuals worldwide.

Many people disregard this and rightfully date whoever they feel most connected to forgetting about everyone else and their opinion on the matter but reality wise the opinion of those around you is somewhat important.

I thought I knew... And then I met you
Many people find themselves in relationships where they may be dating or consuidering dating someone who is either better looking or hoter then they are or who is not as hot or a lot uglier (for lack of better words) then they are.

There are many things one needs to deal with when dating someone who might not be attractive or good looking as you are.
The nasty comments
One of the most annoying things anyone would probably have to deal with is hearing comments like ‘what do yu see in him?” or d o you really think he’s cute”
These comments can be extrememly offensive in some cases. When yuou’re dating someone you obviously have good reason to be doing so and develop (if youbdon’t already have) strong feelings for them.
You can deal with nasty comment in two ways.
1.    Laugh it off and pretend it doesn’t bother you until you can get to a stage where it really doesn’t bother you
2.    Be straight up and tell the person you find their comment offensive.

He first option may be somewhat easier and similarly to whats often thought when dealing with a bully (if you ignore them they’ll stop) if they see that ther comments aren’t affecting you in any way, they might just quit hassling you.
The problem with this way of dealing with the situation, however, cokmes when the person doesn’t just stop.
By using the second option you will be able to get your point and feelings across directly and effectively.
In some cases people may make such comments and not even realize what the effect is that they have on you. They may merely see it as just a comment or question and nothing more. By teeling the exactly hw you feel they will know and are likely to stop making such comments.
I am in no way suggesting that you’re rude or start a fight or argument. What I am suggesting is that you politely tell them that you don’t like or agree with their comment / comments and would appreciate it if they didn’t say things like that.
Others opinions
Constantly hearing you so much better looking then him or you can do so much better or there are so many other cuter guys.
Again this can become largely annoying and offensive. If you’re fully aware of the fact the person you’re with is not the best looking person you know then hearing it over and over again can probably really start to get irritating.
You can reply to these comments similarly to the way you reply to nasty comments.
You need to remember the fact that others are not dating him, you are and if he makes you feel good, treats you well and you love each other, the way everybody else feels about him or the way he looks shouldn’t matter.
Think about your children
This is often a major concern. When thinking about the future you would often visualize yourself with the cutest most adorable babies or childrencompleting your family. If yopu feel that the person you’re dating is not good-looking enough can cause this picturing to come crashing down in no time.
If you’ve just met someone or have been with them for a short while then you’re probably really thinking extremely far ahead with regards to having children with them already. N a way it makes a lot of sense though because this would be better then only considering this when you’ve been with the person for so much longer and can’t just leave them because of their looks.
There are many things one needs to deal with when dating someone who might be more  attractive or good looking then you are.
Dating someone that is a lot hotter or better looking the you may result in you feeling insecure uin your relationship. Insecurities can spark up a lot fo other problems.
The looks
Whether or not people will actually be giving you looks or stares as a couple is debatable but in your mind they might be. They might be looking at you or your partners outfit or thinking that you look good together but in your head (sub-conscious) everything to you would be saying that they’re judging you and thinking that your partner could do so much better.
Feeling like they’re gonna cheat ion you
Similarly as the looks but of a different kind, feeling insecure could result in you feeling like you’re at risk of being cheated on. You could interpret everything or anything your partner or those around you do as flirtatious and that your partner may be finding other people attractive even if he or she isn’t.
It important to keep in mind that if your partner didn’t find you attractive a s a person in some way they wouldn’t be with you.
Also important to remember is thefact that personality especially confidence rate high in the things peple find attractive in eachother and that by you feeling selfconscious and thus lacking self esteem you may actually appear less attractive to your partner (without it having to do anything with your looks – especially since your partner knew exactly what you looked like before they decided to date you) and maybe even drive them away
Feeling they’ll find sum1 better
You may also develop a fear that they will leave you for someone better looking.
Comments ‘what does she see in you’
Comments answer
Wow he’s really going out with you
Comments answer

Remember: You’re dating them not anyone else
Man looks at the outward appearance but the Lord looks at the heart
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