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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Romantic things to do for your boyfriend - How can I show my boyfriend I love him?

Do I need to do romantic things for my boyfriend? Are there any affordable or cheap romantic things I could do for my boyfriend? Are there any romantic things I could do for my boyfriend? Do guys like romance too?

You can never go wrong with romance. Everyone loves to feel valued, appreciated, cherished and special - even guys! Sometimes he needs to be spoilt too. He'll value and appreciate you more.

Top Three Free Romantic things to do for your boyfriend
Write him a letter
This is the most affordable and romantic gesture and yet is so often neglected.
Love letters have the potential to turn anyone’s day around.
By writing a love you get to express your feeling in a deeper manner. Sometimes when you’re face to face with a person or speaking on the phone you don’t have much time to think about what you’d like to say. By writing a letter, you get enough time to think about your feelings and find the perfect words to express them.
Emails and text messages do NOT hold the same amount of value and authenticity as hand-written love letters.
Surprises make everything a whole lot more exciting so why not hide the letter in one of his books, bags, etc and let him enjoy a little pleasant surprise at work, school or anywhere he may be when he finds it.
Tell him You love him randomly 
There can be nothing more that anyone would want to hear then the words “I love you” being whispered to them randomly and for no apparent reason. Don’t wait until your’re about to hang up the phone, until he does something nice for you or he says it first, say it randomly and mean it. It will mean the world to him.
In short, romance is all in the thought and effort. It doesn’t have to cost at all.
Just keep in mind though that the most romantic thing you can do for your girlfriend is love her, respect her, and treat her like a princess. That’s what romance is for girls

Tell the world (well parts of it anyway)
Social media has it's place in the world. Yes there are somewhat negative connotations involved with social media or showcasing your relationship on it but sometimes it does play it's role in enhancing relationships. Little could be sweeter than having all of his friends and yours see just how much you love and appreciate him? Even if you'd like to keep things private or on the down low, leave his name out of the status etc that you put up - he will still know who he is. If you'd like to go all out, put up that sweet, cute or romantic photo of the two of you and tag him in telling him how awesome he is, how much you value him or what a great catch he is. On the plus side this will also let another girl know that he's happily taken.

Your partner is bound to appreciate the little things you do for him every now and then (the above included) but the way you treat him daily and on the regular counts more. Value him, appreciate him and show that you love him throughout your relationship and make the small romantic gestures an added extra.

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