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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Does taking a break / time apart mean that you're single?

What does it mean to "Take a break?" My boyfriend / girlfriend said we should "take a break", what does that mean? After "taking a break" will we get back together? How long is "taking a break"?

"Taking a break" can mean a million things. There are few less confusing terms in relationship terminology. Having your partner ask for or suggest "a break" can be highly confusing and leave you wondering what this means for your relationship or where it leaves you.

The following are possibilities regarding why your partner may request a break:

- He / she feels suffocated by the relationship and feel like they need some space to regroup.
- he / she may feel like things are moving too fast and want to slow down the pace by having some time away from the relationship.
- he / she may be confused with regard to the relationship (where it's going, or how serious it's getting) and want to think things through clearly
- he / she may be confused with regard to whether or not they'd like to be with and would like to experience life without you briefly in order to decide.
- He / she may have feelings for someone else and want to test things with them without losing you completely while avoiding cheating on you.

Does taking a break man that you are single or broken up?

This depends entirely on the situation, the reason for space and what both you and your partner have decided.

If, for example, your partner has requested space so that he / she can test the waters with someone else or other people then clearly you would be considered single in his or her mind and that’s the reason for the space being requested.

If it is for him / her to regroup or work on him / herself to become a better person for him / herself as well as your relationship then chances are he / she will remain faithful throughout the "space" and he / she expects the same from you.

In most cases, however, "space in a relationship" is equivalent to "time apart" and usually means that you're broken up for a period of time and may or may not get back together again which would mean that you are considered single. It is important to clarify this with your partner especially if you are hoping to get back together with your partner and wouldn't want to do anything that could ultimately jeopardize this.

Ask your partner to clarify what they mean by space, to tell you the honest reason for them wanting space and flat out ask whether or not this means that you're both considered single or available to see other people. The least he / she could do is be honest with you and answer your questions.
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