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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Signs that you should marry him / her - 6 Signs that he / she is a keeper

Should I marry him / her? Is he / she a keeper? Is he / she a good boyfriend / girlfriend? Should I hold onto our relationship?

There are many reasons why you should or shouldn't stay into a relationship and a ton more why you should or shouldn't marry someone. The only person capable of making that decision is you. There are some helpful points to consider when thinking about whether or not someone is worth staying in a relationship with or keeping for as long as possible - if not forever. 

Here are a few factors worth appreciating, valuing and treasuring in your partner. It is also worth noting that if your partner doesn't do any of these you may want to reconsider or rethink your relationship. You may not necessary need to end your relationship over them but you may have something to work on.

1. My boyfriend / girlfriend respects me

- Never belittles you in public or in private
- Never insults you 
- Never hurts you physically or emotionally

2. My boyfriend / girlfriend puts me first

- He or she values your opinion above all others
- He / she makes you a priority
- He / she considers your happiness and well being above others.

3. My boyfriend / girlfriend spends time with me

- He / she doesn't only focus on gifts or material things but makes an effort to spend quality time with you
- He or she spends time with you physically or via constant communication if this is not always possible
4. My boyfriend / girlfriend takes interest in me

- He / she enquires about and shows concern in your well being and happiness
- He / she takes interest in what you enjoy or like

5. My boyfriend / girlfriends actions speak louder than words

- He / she doesn't make empty promises but actions each and every one
- He / she doesn't only say that they care or love you but shows it in every possible way

6. My boyfriend / girlfriend never lies to me

- He / she never lies about anything no matter how small: a small lie leads to a bigger one and once someone lies to you about anything it is hard to trust them fully again
- He or she keeps no secrets from you

No relationship is perfect

A perfect relationship consists of two imperfect people who love each other imperfections and all - perfectly. That being said, you should never settle for anything less than you deserve especially when it comes to the way you are treated. Everyone deserves to be valued, appreciated and treated well. Don't allow anyone to mistreat you. 

In the same way, always appreciate the good in the person you are with. 

Don't ever loose someone worthwhile because you didn't appreciate them enough or acknowledge all that they did for you.

It is becoming harder to find "good people". If you have a good person in your life, don't let them slip through your fingers because you were ungrateful, neglected them or took them for granted. 

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