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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Is it okay to flirt with other people while in a relationship?

Is flirting okay while in a relationship? Is it okay to flirt with people other than your boyfriend / girlfriend? Is flirting okay in committed relationships?

People flirt for many reasons - the most common or necessary reason for flirting is to let the next person know that you are interested in them or pursuing a relationship with them (whether this is a fling, a date, a serious relationship, etc). With this being the main reason for flirting why would you want to flirt with someone else when already in a relationship?

Many argue that they flirt "just for the fun of it" and don't plan on it leading to anything else or that flirting is just a form of being friendly.

Should flirting be okay while in a relationship?

The simple answer to this is that it depends. All relationships are different. No single relationship is the same. What's okay for one couple may not necessary be okay for the next.
In one relationship flirting with other people may be viewed or perceived a cheating while in another it may be thought to be completely okay.

How do I know if flirting with other people is okay in my relationship?

Talk about it to your partner, listen to his or her opinion on similar instances in movies, music etc, or flat out ask him / her what their opinion is. The main thing that will turn an act into "cheating" is not knowing what the other person expects from a relationship. Maybe your partner would be okay with flirting with other people and you doing the same seeing no fault in it meaning that it wouldn't be considered cheating. If either of you view it as wrong however and the other go's ahead in doing it, is untruthful in whether or not they do it or proceeds in doing it anyway, then this would be considered wrong or a form of cheating.

It's you and your partners relationship, you make the rules.

Further more, a new / less serious relationship may be more open to flirting with other people than a serious relationship, long term relationship or marriage.

Be sure that you and your partner are on the same page and you can't go wrong.

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