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Monday, January 18, 2016

5 Reasons why you should get back together with your ex

Are there any good reasons why it's better to take your ex back? Should I take my ex back? What are some good reasons for taking your ex back?

There are many reasons why people choose to get back together with a past love interest. Depending on your reasons for breaking up or the duration of your separation, these reasons may vary.

This article contacts the top 5 reasons why it would be beneficial to take your ex back.

*Please note that this is not focused on break-ups that resulted due to any form of abuse.

1. Familiarity
One of the biggest reasons to stay in a relationship and work on it instead of moving on to someone new, as well as to go back to someone old is familiarity. It’s easier and more convenient to focus on someone you are already familiar with and comfortable with than starting out with someone new and wading through all the uncertainty, unfamiliarity and awkwardness.

2. You know what your issues were
If you and your ex separated at least a few months prior, you will have had more time to think about what went wrong. Not only will you have been able to notice your ex’s wrongs and failures during the relationship, but if you were honest with yourself you would have had an opportunity to look at your own too. You will know what you and your ex lack as partners as you would need to work on this in order for your relationship to be a success.
Starting out with someone new would mean that you still need to figure all of that out in an often “trial and error” manner.

3. "Rather the devil you know then the devil you don't"
In all honestly there is no one on this earth who is perfect. Everyone has their strengths and good points but also their weaknesses and failures. By returning to your ex, you already know those weaknesses or the down sides and how to deal with them. You always know whether you’re willing to deal with them or not and what the worst case of each is.
By starting over with someone new this falls away and as with the above, you still have to figure all of this out.  
As mentioned, every person has their flaws; this being said, sometimes it’s easier to deal with the problems that you already know then to walk blindly into another relationship unsure of the problems that await you there.

4. The grass isn't always greener on the other side
Many people end relationships over minor differences (sometimes which they view as major) or in hope that they will find something better. Sometimes they already think they know who that “something better “is. The sad reality is that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Sometimes you leave one partner with a minor issue and end up with someone ten times worse. As mentioned earlier, everyone has issues. There is no perfect person. Sometimes you go back to your ex because you realize this.

5. Sometimes you need to see how much worse it could be before you can appreciate how good it actually was
The number 5 reasons is waking up to the reality that – you never know how good something is until it’s gone. Linked to point 4, sometimes you end up with someone with more issues then your ex. Maybe you broke up with your ex because he was too clingy, she nagged too much or he had hectic mood swings. You move on to another relationship and find yourself with someone who is physically or emotionally abusive or cheats on you. It’s sad but often the case that a breakup and a new relationship sometimes shows us how much worse off things could be and forces us to compare our current relationship with that which we had with our ex realizing that things were actually so much better.
Everything happens for a reason and sometimes the reason for your break-up is so that you would appreciate your relationship and your ex so much more if you did get back together again.

Depending on your circumstances and the reason for your break up, sometimes it is better to get back with your ex. Sometimes you’re not lucky enough to get the opportunity to rekindle a past romance and live your life with the regret of ending your relationship.

You are the author of your book – you alone can make the best decisions for you.

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