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Monday, October 3, 2016

Finishing School / Studying as a single mom

How can I finish high school being a single mom? Is it possible to graduate / matriculate while being a single mom? Should I finish high school even though I have a baby?

Being a single mom or having a baby gives you EVEN MORE REASON to finish school, graduate from high school or matriculate!!! Your baby is reliant on you for a better life. He / she needs you provide for him / her and be a role model showing him / her that everything is possible and that you can succeed in life no matter how hard the circumstances might be.

It will definitely be hard and at times you might feel like giving up BUT by focusing on your little one and the fact that you're doing it for him / her; you will be able to make it through.

Remember, attending school full time is not your only option: look online for correspondence programs which allow you to study from home only attending minimal classes or going in to write tests and exams. Another option is also night classes or part-time classes.

Tips for completing school as a single mom

1. Stay Motivated

As mentioned priorly, let your little one be your source of motivation. Focus on him or her, tell yourself that he or she will respect you more for making it for him / her because in actuality they will.

2. Find Faith

Belief is an important tool. Trust God as a higher force to help you and strengthen you: Pray, have faith and believe that you can make it.

3. Get help

Find a support structure in family members or friends if your babies father isn't around or a reliable source. Get friends or family members to assist in baby sitting your little one so that you can get some work done or even visit with you while you're studying so that you're still around to help with your baby but they can help with simple tasks like keeping the little one occupied while you try and get as much done as possible especially around exam or test periods.

4. Use your child's down time

When you're little one is napping or asleep try and get an extra hour or two o work in before getting some rest yourself. Use it to your advantage to get some quiet time. Plan your work so that the more complicated or complex stuff is left for when your little one is asleep and there will be no distractions and other tasks that might not need as much concentration are done when your baby is awake and maybe playing quietly alone or occupied in a TV program.

5. Be Brave

It's going to be hard and it will take a lot out of you but you can do it.

Read here for a real life story of a single mom who finished school while being an awesome mom to her baby girl. If she could do it so can you.
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