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Sunday, June 5, 2011

'Does my ex want me back' quiz

I want my ex back does he/she feel the same way? How do I know if my ex wants me back? Does my ex regret the break up?

After a break-up various questions may flood your mind. You may miss your ex but struggle to find out whether or not he/she feels the same way.

The following quiz should help you to read the signs better.

  1. Have you heard from your ex since the break-up
  2. Yes No I'm not sure I can't remember
  3. The last time you saw him/her he/she seemed
  4. Happy to see me Distant Awkward I haven't seen my ex since the break-up
  5. Does he/she hang out in places that he/she knew you always hung out at
  6. Yes No I'm not sure I can't remember
  7. Has he/she done any favours for you
  8. Yes but I had to pay for it Yes and he/she didn't charge me anything Yes in return for spending time with him/her No
  9. Has he/she mentioned missing you
  10. Yes No I can't remember I'm not sure
  11. The last time you contacted your ex he/she seemed
  12. Happy to hear from me Sad like they had missed me Awkward like he/she didn't know what to say to me I haven't spoken to him/her since the break-up
  13. Has he/she ever mentioned good memories you shared
  14. Yes No I'm not sure I can't remember
  15. What do his/her friends say
  16. They ask me how i feel about him/her They ask me if I miss him/her They ask me if I'm dating / seeing anyone else I don't speak to them or They don't say anything
  17. Has he/she ever drunk texted or called you drunk
  18. Yes: saying he/she misses me Yes: saying he/she regrets the break-up Yes: saying he/she is glad that it's over or that he/she hates me No
  19. Has he/she made any efforts to see you
  20. Yes: He/she suggested we hang out Yes: he/she visits me Yes: he/she brought me lunch No
  21. What are his/her facebook statuses or tweets likely to say
  22. song lyrics or poems about love Something about loving being single Something about being depressed or lonely He/she doesn't have facebook or twitter or I can't see his / her statuses / tweets
  23. Whenever you're together (in a group or alone) he/she
  24. Ignores me Treats me like we're still together or dating Treats me the same way he/she treats his/her other opposite gender friends We're never together
  25. Your friends say
  26. They heard he misses me from his friends or him He asks them about me He looks lonely without me or is hurt by the break-up They don't talk about him
  27. When you broke up:
  28. He asked for the break-up He was happy about breaking up He begged me not to break-up with him He wanted to work things out

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