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Friday, February 3, 2012

Affordable / Cheap Romantic Valentine's Day gifts under $25

Are there any affordable/cheap romantic Valentine's Day gifts? How can I spoil my girlfriend/boyfriend without spending a lot of money? How do I save money on Valentine's Day?

If you're a little low on finances or looking to give the one you love something special without going completely broke then read further. This article proves that you don't need to spend $100s in order to make that one person feel special.

Here you will find cheap and affordable but romantic Valentine's Day gifts. All of the gifts listed here can be bought for less then $25! If you're looking to make something for the one you love then you could read Romantic and Affordable Valentine's Day gifts and Affordable Valentine's Day ideas: Love Coupons.

A Promise Ring

Promises once kept can be cherished forever and are the most beautiful gifts anyone could ever give or receive. A promise ring is all about leaving a lasting mark of your promise to your partner. The aim is to make a promise or promises to your boyfriend or girlfriend and give him/her the ring as a symbol of your love and the fact that you plan on keeping your promise. The thought is beautiful because it allows your love to remember the promises you made every single time he/she might look down at their hand or catch a glimpse of the ring. This is honestly the ultimate Valentine's Day gift.
With a beautiful engraved message such as ' I will only love you' on it, it makes the gift even more romantic and memorable.

Stainless Steel Ring w/ 14K Gold IP Top Section - $11.19

This is also the ultimate way to eliminate any doubts in your partners mind about your commitment to him/her and the relationship. Truly beautiful.

A love-Letter

Costing basically nothing and yet meaning the world to some-one is a true love letter. A love letter (when you mean every word you've put in it) can be the best gift anyone could ever receive.

In order to make this gift last longer at a very limited cost you could get it laminated (to prevent it from getting ruined or dusty) or get it framed.

Remember, the letter only has meaning if you mean every word you say in it.

For extra love letter writing tips read here.

Matching (heart lock and key) rings

It honestly doesn't get any more romantic then this. For $24.99 you can get a set of two rings; One with a heart lock on it and one with a key. The thought behind this gift is priceless. This gift will allow you to make it clear to your boyfriend that he holds the key to your heart or to let your girlfriend know that you belong together. It's romantic and sweet and guaranteed to be something your partner will definitely love and appreciate.

Key to My Heart - Lock and Key Ring - Love & Commitment (2-in-1) Steel rings - $16.39

SoulMate Matching Glasses

If you're looking for a fun but romantic way of telling your boyfriend/girlfriend that you belong together, this is it. The soul mate glasses allow you both to remember each other while you're going about your normal day (at work or at school). It's almost like a puzzle kind of glass set because no one word makes full sense without the other.

Dinner/Lunch Date

Dinner or lunch dates don't have to cost more then $25 dollars. it all depends on where you go. Going to an expensive restaurant is not what makes a lunch/dinner date special.

It's everything else about it. You could take your partner out to a nice but affordable restaurant and make everything fun for the both of you. Show your partner how much he means to you, give him lots of hugs, love and kisses. Treat your girlfriend like a princess on the date; pull out the chair for her, hold the door open for her, tell her how beautiful she looks. Sometimes it's the little things and the experience that matters more then how much you spend.

Another good idea would be to either buy things and cook a surprise lunch/dinner at your place for your girlfriend/boyfriend or buy or make snacks and surprise him/her with a romantic picnic. Both of these will not cost much but if you put in a lot of effort with regards to the experience it can turn any Valentine's Day into the best one ever.

Heart lock and Key Bracelet

Similar to the heart lock and key ring is the bracelet. What makes this unique is the fact that you could give either part (the lock or key) to your boyfriend/girlfriend to demonstrate how deep your commitment to him/her and the relationship is.

You can find these at most charm and jewelry gift stores for a generally affordable price.

This article makes it clear that you don't need to spend tons of money to have an awesome Valentine's Day or to spoil the one you love. Valentine's Day is all about LOVE and AFFECTION and neither of those cost a cent.

Have an Awesome Valentine's Day!

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