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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Romantic Anniversary gift ideas for long term relationships

What should I get my long term boyfriend/girlfriend for our Anniversary? What are some romantic Anniversary gifts for my long term boyfriend/girlfriend or fiance/husband/wife?  What are some affordable but romantic anniversary gifts or gift ideas?
long term relationships

Long term relationships are really special; with every passing minute, hour or day you become more and more confident in the thought that you've found your one true love.

The only downside to being in a long term relationship is probably that after being with your partner for so long you begin running out of ideas on what to get him/her as anniversary gifts.
This article is filled with ideas on unique and romantic gifts for long term relationships. If you're looking for a gift for your long term boyfriend/girlfriend, fiancĂ© or wife/husband, this is the perfect article for you.

Message in a bottle

If you’d like to shower your partner with romance this anniversary then look no further!
The best part of this gift is that it gets delivered to the one you love with the message you've chosen in the bottle while keeping everything a surprise until it’s opened!
When your partner receives the gift he/she will have no idea what is or who it's from until the package is opened and the message read (because it's packaged in such a way that everything’s kept secret). 

                                                   Retail Price: $44.95
                                                    You Save: $10.00
                              (Many other designs and beautiful bottles available)

After being together for so long it's important to keep that element of romance and surprise alive in the relationship. Keep that flame alive!
Love Letter

Love letters are beautiful and although being the oldest form of showing affection and feelings to the one you love, they will never lose the remarkable and valuable effect they have on people and relationships.

 One of the advantages of this beautiful gift (or something to give you partner with a gift) is that it’s completely free. All you need is a pen, some paper, tons of creativity and your deepest true feelings for the one you love.

Being in a long term relationship gives you the advantage when it comes to writing love letters as you have a lot you can write about or include in them; recall memories of your first date, first kiss, memorable vacations together, the first time he/she said the precious words 'I love you', etc. 

Show your partner how important and dear each instant you share together is and that despite the fact that you’ve been a couple so long you still remember each and every precious thing and memory.

Tell your partner how he/she makes you feel and why he/she's means so much to you or how much you value him/her in your life.

Remember your love letter can only mean something if you mean every word in you say in it and are completely honest. You need to tell you love the truth not what you think he/she wants you to hear.

Promise rings
Promise rings are one of the top demonstrations of commitment. You would present the one you love with a promise ring and make promises (or a promise) to your partner using the ring as a symbol of the promise you’ve made. 

Each time your partner sees the ring or his/her eyes glance down at it he/she will be reminded of the promises you made and the fact that you plan on keeping each one.
This is a really top long term relationship gift. If you're not yet engaged or married a promise ring I a great way of making a similar commitment or a great idea for taking a step closer to a “forever” commitment like getting engaged. It is a major step all on its own. It allows you to show your partner how committed you are to him/her and your relationship and that you plan on staying with him/her for a really long time exclusively.

If you are engaged or married a promise ring can be a way to show your partner that you value and care for him or her. The value of the ring depends entirely on the promises you make upon presenting it.

It is extremely important to keep all the promises you make so only make promises that you know you can and will keep. Don't ever make empty promises. Stay true to the one you love by meaning every word you say.

Read more about promise rings and different types of promises here...

Unique date

Being in a long term relationship means you’ve probably spent a lot of time together and have thus done many things together on many different dates.

If this is the case then this makes this gift idea a slight bit harder but still possible.

 The aim I to think really hard about something that you haven’t done together just yet whether it’s getting matching tattoos, camping or a picnic under the stars. Even if you’ve been together for years there has got to be that ONE thing that you haven't done together just yet. Find it AND DO IT!!!
Make your anniversary one that you will always be able to remember and look back on by giving your partner a one of a kind date as a gift. Think out of the box and have fun doing something new together.

Romantic dates such as picnics under the stars are sweet, romantic and special and won’t cost you that much. You just need to decided what you’re packing (dinner, snacks, etc.) pick a spot (can be anywhere from your garden to the beach and anything in-between) and you’re all set.

A personalised book

So you're STILL in love after so long? Put it in a book! That's one of the best ideas I've ever read on. For only $49 you can put together your own short book for the one you love in a designed hard cover. This is as unique a gift as you will ever find.

This gift (as priory mentioned in unique gifts) is basically self explanatory. If you're so sure of your love that you'd be proud to show your partner (and the rest of the world) just how much you care about him/her and demonstrate the fact that you're going to be together forever why not make things official and get matching/couples tattoos!
Getting tattoos together is not only romantic and sweet but it also shows your confidence and commitment in the relationship.

For 'couples tattoos ideas and more information read here for ideas on where to put your couples tattoos read here.

Matching (heart lock and key) rings

For $24.99 you can get a set of two rings; One with a heart lock on it and one with a key.
This gift basically speaks for itself. You keep one of the rings and give the other to your partner allowing a connection between the two of you even when you're a part.

Lock and Key Ring - Love and Commitment (2-in-1) Top Quality 316L Stainless Steel - $24.99

Retail Price: $34.99

Long term relationships are really a blessing. Be sure to treat each other well and give each other lots of love and affection right through the relationship and not jut on anniversary's.

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