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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Romantic and affordable Anniversdary gifts for Long Distance Relationships

What would be a great Anniversary gift for my long distance boyfriend/girlfriend? What are good Anniversary gifts for long distance relationships? I'm in a long distance relationship, what is a romantic and affordable Anniversary gift for my girlfriend/boyfriend?

Long distance relationships take lots of trust and love in order to last and be successful. Every month or year you get through together is a Blessing.
If you're left wondering what to get your long distance boyfriend/girlfriend for your upcoming Anniversary then this is the perfect read. This article contains many Anniversary gifts and gift ideas for long distance relationships.

Distance Pillows

Whether you're in a long distance relationship because your boyfriend or girlfriend is in the Army, works away or studies in a different state or city, there can be no better gift to bridge that distance then this. Distance is most heart felt at night when you're about to go to sleep and realise that your partner is so very far away. By having something like the distance pillow to cuddle at night and knowing that your partner has it too might help ease the pain of missing him/her and allow you to feel just a little closer to each other in heart and mind.

                                            Retail Price: $46.00
                                             You Save: $10.00
                                   (Different styles and designs available)

The distance pillows are not only romantic and sweet but also show the fact that even though you're not together at the moment you still think about, miss and love each other and that's why you're still close.

Love Letter

Staying on romantic gifts is love letters. This is one gift that’s passionate, lovely, sweet and totally free.
long distance relationships
The plus side to giving your boyfriend/girlfriend a love letter is that you can reveal your innermost feelings and emotions to him/her in a way that he/she can keep forever. It also allows you to speak your mind and heart without feeling shy or self-conscious. There is no better gift in the world then knowing that the person you love loves you right back and how deep his/her feelings are.

love letters
Love letters come in many forms and shapes and can range from poetic or short to long or intense. You have free range to make it the way you’d like to in a way you feel comfortable. You know your partner better than anyone else does so you know exactly what he/she would find romantic and sweet.
The most important thing to remember when writing a love letter is that you have to REMAIN HONEST AND TRUE at all times!

The only thing that has the potential to ruin your love letter and gift completely is if you were to fill it with lies or things you think your partner might want to hear. You need to tell your partner your true feelings and it’s guaranteed to be a gift that he/she will cherish forever. 

For extra love letter writing tips read here.

Matching t-shirts

Another great gift for bridging the gap while being in a long distance relationship is matching t-shirts. The best part of having them Is that no matter where you are (in class, at work, in bed, etc.) knowing that your partner is wearing the other half of what you’re wearing (similar to the pillows) helps you feel a little closer to each other or that you’re connected in some weird way.  

Wearing a t-shirt saying "I'm waiting for you" and you’re partners saying "I'll be there" gives the relationship extra hope and reassurance in the fact that you’re relationship isn’t forgotten.

                                                Retail Price: $52.00
                                                  You Save: $10.00

Quality Time

Time is of the essence in any relationship. When you’re in a long distance relationship time is even more important than ever. Knowing that it might be a while till you see your partner again makes each minute you spend together matter ten times more. If you're always apart or haven’t been together for a while try and find a way to be together this anniversary. 

Try and make any sacrifices you need to in order to make it happen. The best gift he/she could receive would be to see you standing right in front of him/her on a day that’s so special to the both of you. If you do get to spend your anniversary together make sure it’s extremely special and memorable. Go out of your way to have an amazing time together whether you go out somewhere nice or spend the day cuddling at home.  
A good idea would be to squeeze a romantic picnic into your plans. Picnics aren’t expensive at all and can add that extra sprinkle of romance to any occasion.

If you have been on a picnic date before or even if you just want to make your date even more romantic or special turn it into an evening under the stars with dinner or snacks, your favourite drink and lots of quality time. Make sure you don't only do a lot of star gazing but gazing into each others eyes as well. Spend as much time in each other’s arms as you possibly can. Don’t forget the romantic music!

Have a stunning evening slow dancing under the stars, holding hands, lying in each other’s arms and basking in each other’s company.

Message in a bottle

This is the perfect gift for any long distance relationship. It allows you to say I love you, I miss you or anything else you feel your partner should know in a classic and antique way which is always a winner with romance.
The added plus of this gift is that it gets delivered to your partner with the message you've chosen placed in the bottle! It's the most romantic surprise anyone could ever receive. Upon receiving the gift your partner won't know what it is or who it's from until the packaging’s been opened (because it's packaged in a way that protects the surprise element of the gift). Even when realising it's a beautiful bottle with a message in it he/she won't know anything else (who it's from etc.) until reading the message.
Anstrella message in a bottle romantic Valentines gift by Timeless Message - $34.95

                                                   Retail Price: $44.95
                                                    You Save: $10.00
                              (Many other designs and beautiful bottles available)

This gift gives out an component of classic romance into a modern world where romance is often left behind. 

Personalised Teddy

A great gift no matter how long you've been together. This gift is highly special because it allows you to suite your gift to the level of your relationship. You can personalise it by having any message printed on the teddies t-shirt. If you’d like your partner to know that distance can’t keep you apart, he/she is always in your heart, you’re never going to stop loving him/her or he/she is extremely special to you there Is no better way to say it.
(click here)

Promise rings

Promise rings symbolise commitment and if you're committed to your partner, whether you’re separated by distance or not, there is no better way to show him/her that then with the gift of a promise ring. There is so much you can say with the ring and it allows your partner to remember every word each time he/she looks down at the ring no matter where he or she is (whether you’re together or apart). With true love distance shouldn’t matter (to find out more about promise rings read here).

Personalised Framed picture

If you'd like to be the first person he/she sees in the morning and the last he/she sees at night despite the distance, then this is an awesome gift to get. These frames can be personalised with any message, names, an important date (anniversary date, first meeting date, etc) or anything else of importance.

                                                Retail Price: $36.99
                                                 You Save: $10.00
                                   Many other styles and designs available

What makes these frames precious and unique is that you can personalise them according to the level and uniqueness of your relationship. This is a gift that's sure to be remembered forever.

Matching (heart lock and key) rings

For $24.99 you can get a set of two rings; One with a key and the other with a heart lock. With this gift you can make crystal clear the fact that your boyfriend holds the key to your heart or that your girlfriends heart belongs to you forever.

                                                  Retail Price: $34.99

Anniversaries are highly precious because they remind you how far your love and relationship has come. They are days worth celebrating. If you let your boyfriend/girlfriend know and feel your love him/her everyday including your anniversaries then it's not that important what you get him/her for your special day.

Have a day filled with love and Blessings!

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